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Jan 9, 2009 06:05 AM

lunch in newton

I need a lunch place in Newton which is not Asian.

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  1. Baker's Best, Newton Highlands (gourmet caterer, cafe and take-out); Kouzina (Mediterranean), Waban; Farm Grill (Greek), Needham Street.

    1. Barry's Deli, The Local, Johnny's Luncheonette, Union St, lots more. Really would help if you were more specific in the price range and atmostphere you seek.

      1. Kouzina, 1649 Beacon St. in Waban. Some of the best and most reasonbaly priced
        food in Newton.

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        1. re: TheTrout

          Didn't think they were open for lunch. Could be wrong.

        2. I'll throw in Blue Ribbon for BBQ.

          In terms of my personal preferences, Farm Grill would by my top choice for a quick sit down or take out meal, followed by Blue Ribbon. Kuzina would be my top choice for a more relaxed sit down meal.

          1. Sofra is wonderful for lunch (and relatively close to Newton Corner)