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Jan 9, 2009 06:01 AM

G-Town (Flourmill) weekday lunch - expensed

I've got a lunch meeting next week in the Western part of Georgetown (meeting initially at the Flourmill building). I'm expensing, though I don't want to completely blow the lid (and subsequently get grilled myself).

The person I'm meeting has mentioned Agraria or Chadwicks, but said there is Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish and American.

Outside of the pub aspect of Garrett's I tend to plain avoid Georgetown. What are thoughts of the two specific mentions, or anything else?


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  1. Chadwicks is nothing special, not been to Agraria. I would check out the prices for Leopold's and Hook, both on the western edge of Georgetown. Or if you want to go really cheap, go to Amma's for Indian. Avoid the Thai and Vietnamese places.

    1. Chadwick's was a solid place a long time ago and is now not good. Ambience there is a step down from the atrium at Garrett's, and the food is a whole flight of stairs.

      Agraria is pricey, but maybe not so bad for lunch. I heard a VERY good report from another Chowhound I trust who was there recently, but I have never been.

      1. I use to live at the Papermill (next to the Flour Mill). For a moderatedly price business lunch, I would suggest Clyde's on M. For French, there's Cafe La Ruche. If you want middle eastern, I use to go to Fettoosh on M.

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          Do you have an address to this location?

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            address to which restaurant? Fettoosh across the street from Clyde's, and Clyde's is in G'town Park Mall with an entrance fronting M. Cafe La Ruche has a website and it's on 31st St., near K.

        2. Agraria is actually very good. They have some pricey and some not so pricey options, for lunch they have very moderate options. It isn't uber creative, it is kind of classic American food with fresh ingredients, the menu is pretty seasonal. They normally have good salads, I used to love a roast chicken they had that I don't think is on the current menu. I always like their food in the winter more than the summer I think because their food to me is comforting.

          1. Thanks all. Hook was pondered, but the person I met with is a fan of Agraria and I was inclined to check it out - especially with no marks against it here and a look at their menu.

            It is a seasonal menu (in fact my guest is a fan of the now-removed tilapia open faced sandwich - but he had a salmon sandwich that looked very good). I ended up getting the burger with a salad. I'd say a solid place food-wise, well priced for lunch. Nothing overly special. The service was a bit off - mainly our primary waitress who got the ordering on the ticket wrong (so that the person bringing the plates didn't know what went to who), and she paid us little mind.

            If I lived or worked in the area I'd frequent it a few times a year most likely. But nothing to go out of your way for.