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Jan 9, 2009 06:01 AM

SB Itinerary, Help the Newbies- I have done my homework

We are staying at the Tides in South Beach. 3 ladies in late forties on a girls weekend. I don't knwo South beach at all. I find there are not as many resources to follow for dining as say new york, so for help so I am relying on my fellow chow hounds.

Thursday night (we want casual, fun fine food): Michaels Genuine: Is this close to South Beach or an expensive cab ride?

Friday Lunch (we are going out later that night so we want a 2p.m. or so fun, festive lunch with either people watching or water view) : Bistro One in the Ritz Carlton or Il Dido in the same (this seems weak, so a better idea would be appreciated)

Fri Eve Clubbing: Setai bar or the Shore Club

Saturday Dinner: Vix

Sunday Dinner: a casual Cuban place: please name a good one

Monday lunch: Joe's Crab Stone House

How am I doing.

Thanks to all.

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  1. Michaels will set you back $80 for a round trip cab ride
    I would not do shore club and I am not sure about setai on friday. You should try the mondrian instead. None of these are loud dance clubs btw, they are sort of the place you go pre clubbing.
    Saturday - I would go to talula (best food) or prime 112( better than vix, better scene) or even meat market (which I haven't tried so cant vouch for food, but better scene) before going to vix.
    Sunday Dinner - David's Cafe (linclon rd), possibly larios if you want a little fancier. I personally prefer Davids as it is a better value.

    1. Follow up on TPs comments and add'l thoughts ->
      - if you want casual, fun fine food and don't want to pay for the taxi ride to MGF&D, I would go to Talula. A more laid back vibe than much of South Beach, great food. Casual but not inexpensive.
      - I've not been to either of the current Ritz Carlton restaurants but Dilido Beach Cafe for lunch intrigues. Saw it featured on "Check Please" and the location backing onto the beach looks beautiful and the food looked good too.
      - Vix - I only went once but the menu read a lot better than the food tasted. Best example - "dry-rubbed mussels". You know what's on the outside of a mussel? A hard impermeable shell. You know what happens when you "dry-rub" a mussel? You get a bunch of spice on the shell that does absolutely nothing to flavor the edible portion. Very pricy. Best thing was the Indian inspired breads and dips. Great jellyfish tanks though.
      - Here's my thoughts on Meat Market ->
      shorter: great-looking place, somewhat clubby feel, food was somewhat hit-or-miss, but had some bright spots.
      - Joe's is definitely worth a visit if you've never been and lunch is a good idea.

      1. If you dont mind ponying up the cab fare, MGFD is highly suggested. Hopefully youll be in one of those, "Screw it, we're on vacation!" modes and wont care about the cab fare.

        Nothing wrong w/ Shore Club but probably a much younger scene than what youre looking for and with all the recent openings on the Beach the crowd there was a lot smaller last time I went. I suggest the rooftop bar at the Gaansvoort Hotel (I probably butchered that spelling). Like tp said though, its more of a loungey place than a "club". The Delano bar and the Florida Room at the Delano are both places to check out too.

        Friday lunch definitely hit up the Dilido Beach Cafe. The food is outstanding. I had the fried oysters w/ chorizo on January 1st and it was an awesome way to kick off the New Year. Friends had the steak sandwich and the chicken sandwich and both were delicious. Great scene and friendly/outstanding service as well.

        Saturday - I think tp and Frod have you covered. Sunday I cant help with because I dont do Cuban food really... Ive also lived in Miami for over 7 years and still have never been to Joe's. I just dont care to for some reason and other than my non-love for stone crabs, I cant figure out why that is.

        Enjoy Miami!

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          I will say as hotspots go, friday is the night for mondrian and thursday is gansvoort. I am sure though that friday will be great too for gansvoort and probably better than the setai.

        2. you have heard from the experts; they all gave great advice
          although MGFD is one of the best for casual fine food in Miami, I think it's not worth the cab ride, esp. if you are used to eating say NYC fine dining.
          I think Talula, DiLido, The Setai Lounge and Plunge at Gansevoort, Prime 112, David's Cafe, Joe's Stone Crab is a perfect schedule

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