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Jan 9, 2009 05:39 AM

thai food

Has anyone got a recipe for´´ beef thai style´´? I had this years ago in saudi arabia prepared by our lebanese chef . So impressed & not knowing I asked him what it was . Since then I have looked on quite a few sites , when I remember , & have never found anything .

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  1. The only "beef thai style" that I know off the top of my head is one that my best friend makes. It's a marinated London Broil which is dehydrated into beef jerky and then quickly refried to eat with sticky rice. It's heavenly. Is this it?

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      It could be heavenly but this not the dish I was remembering . Thankyou , keep eating .

    2. Thai beef comes in many varieties so maybe you could be a little more specific please? Two popular styles are beef in a red curry sauce which contains plenty of coconut milk/cream or beef salad (known as Tiger Cry), which has a startling dressing of lime juice, chili, cilantro, fish sauce & sugar. Was it either of these?

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      1. re: Robin Joy

        It seems the lebanese chef could have kidding me ; when I gave him 2 very large fish that I had caught his eyes nearly popped out of his head . Never got to see them in our mess .
        Anyway the beef had been cut in strips , was in a heavily spiced gravy , not sauce . Loads of whole black peppers in it too . It was lovely . Sounds like a stir fry to me .

        1. re: fudlover

          Doesn't sound Thai - with gravy and black peppers.

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            Beef cut in strips sounds very Thai. Beef dishes in Thai restaurants in London are almost always cut in this way, and so that's how I do it at home. Meat in Indian curries tends to be cubed. Anyway, red curry sauce is a bit like a gravy, and can certainly be highly spiced if you so choose. Give it a go if you haven't already tried it, it's lovely.

            1. re: Robin Joy

              Yes a rare cooked piece of meat then sliced and lightly sauced with combo lime juice, chopped chiles and cilantro, ginger, fish sauce, soy sauce, touch of sugar, and cilantro is very Thai. Served over greens and accompanied by liong green beans, cabbage and the like. Otherwise there are coconut milk based Thai curries that the OP wouldn't have confused for anything else. But beef strips in black pepper gravy - never encountered anything similar over years in and out of Thailand.

              1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                Thankyou also for your input .
                Never been to Thailand , but I am sure the food is excellent . Not too many obese people there from what I have seen on film & tv .

              2. re: Robin Joy

                OK , will do when it rains again !

              3. re: fudlover

                Could it have been beef massaman? I understand that is a Thai curry that you encounter in the UK a bit more than in North America. It's massaman curry paste (different from the red or green, I'm no expert here, but it's often said to be made from "muslim" ingredients, whatever that means) and some coconut milk. It often includes potatoes and comes out looking more like a Western beef stew (gravy-like) than you'd expect from Thai food.

                My mother in law makes a great one, I could find the recipe if you're interested.

                Here's a representative photo of the dish:

                Look familiar?

                  1. re: Allison_

                    The extra information on Rendang very interesting .

                  2. re: Allison_

                    No afraid not , however it would seem that my old mate from Lebanon made this up himself & called it something to get rid of me .
                    The site you provided is a cracker and is added to my ´´favorites´´ . Will try those shown as soon as I can get in the kitchen . Christina is an excellent cook - after 37 years I can still get in my wedding suit . Only intended to use it once .

                1. re: Robin Joy

                  Sorry , forgot to thank you too Mr. Joy .

                2. The original comment has been removed