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Larchmont/Mamaroneck Low-Key Anniversary Tonight?

My wife and I are recently relocated to Larchmont from Manhattan, and have decided to stay local tonight (for the first time) for a low-key anniversary dinner without kids. Ideally, we'd walk to a place in Larchmont, but we could drive to Mamaroneck as well.

We'd love any recommendations for a low-key place with great food (we tend towards 'foodie"...), but we don't want to break the bank.

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  1. Zitoune in Larchmont has a fun environment and good food. The bread is out of this world.

    Le Provencal in Mamaroneck is one of THE places for a special occasion, though. Atmosphere is nice and food is wonderful.

    1. Le Provencal would be perfect.

        1. re: intrepid

          True. Meritage and Plates are both very good.

        2. Turquoise
          1895 Palmer Ave.
          (bet. Depot Way W. & Chatsworth Ave.)
          Larchmont, NY

          Watercolor Cafe
          2094 Boston Post Rd.
          (bet. Chatsworth & Larchmont Aves.)
          Larchmont, NY

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            I second Watercolor Cafe. My wife and I have been fans of this place for a few years. Food is very good, nice atmosphere, and they have live jazz on most nights - tonight is Ted Rosenthol Trio. Reasonable prices too. www.watercolorcafe.net

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              They have a wide type of groups there. GF and I saw Livington Tylor there in what was just about a Kitchen Party. Fully committed house with only a few minor service flubs.

          2. Thanks to all for the posts so far...sounds like a bunch of good choices - and nice validation for us choosing to move to this specific area ; )

            1. I'll also recommend LeProvencal. I might also suggest Piccolo Mulino in Mamaroneck. If you'd like something more exotic, Rani Mahal is great.

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                Was just going to jump in with Piccolo Mulino! My DH and I went there for our anniversary in December, on the rec of fellow Chowhounders, and were very pleased -- we were looking for cozy, delicious and reasonable Italian, and we were perfectly satisfied. I recommend going there on the late side, once the Emelin theatregoers start to clear out.

              2. What's up with Pascal's right by the train station in Larchmont, BTW? No one has mentioned it...and I walk by it pretty much every night.

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                  I have not been to Pascal's in years.
                  I believe that if you seach on pascale's, you will find it within 3 threads.

                2. Update: After all that, my wife just called to tell me the babysitter can come over earlier, so now she's hopping the train into Manhattan instead. I'll file these suggestions for next time, though!

                  1. Final update: We're back to our 'local' plan and are going to Plates tonight at 8:30. Thanks again.

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                      We had our anniversary dinner at Plates last month. It's a perfect choice.

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                        It was fantastic. We split the foie gras and a flatbread. My wife had the duck and I had a lamb special that was out of this world - a big chunk of braise, and several medium rare slices that had been grilled or sauteed, along with a potato puree. We also had a great malbec, of which I can't remember the name.

                        The only slight annoyance was a couple with an infant and a three-year-old in the dining room at 9 PM...especially when we'd hired a baby sitter ourselves. I also thought it funny that the bartender referred to them offering "beer by the glass" - which means they pour the bottle into a glass, I guess ; )

                        A great discovery for us. Scary in a way, however....as we live within walking distance....and it took $240 to get us out of there... Could turn into my money pit.

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                          next time you go out for a night you should try Bar Vivaci in Mamaroneck right accross the street from the train station. very good italian..