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Private room for party? Lower Westchester. Help, please!

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I am hoping for your suggestions on places that have a private room that can be used for a mostly adult party in the Lower Westchester area. I am planning a lunch party for our daughter's first birthday- but the guests will be mostly adult.

I've never done a private room type event in Westchester and could really use some help. I think I'd be dreaming to say I'd love to keep it at $40 pp?


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  1. Villa Nova in Pelham. Not sure on the price, but their food is good and they've been doing parties in their private rooms forever.

    1. Depends how many people. I am friends with the Chef/Owners of the Sterling Inn in New Rochelle. Yummy food (one of the best brunches in Westchester) and lovely space. You can tell them I referred you and they will treat you well!

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          Yeah I know so sad. They had some issues with their landloard and such a bad location for an excellent place!! They will be back!

      1. how many people please?

        1. Oh, thank you, nrfoodie. I am going to look at their website right now.
          I am not yet sure how many people. It could be as many as 50-60 depending on the dollars and cents. And the little, little ones don't really count, but there would be around 12 kids total.
          I was looking at place in the Rye/ Mamk/ Larch/ WP area, but I wasn't even sure where to start or what to look for, or ask for.

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            The Melting Pot in WP can do up to 50:

            As for asking, what you posted here is just fine.
            You are telling a business that you have a party of X on this day and can they host/handle it?
            And if so, then you get into details.

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              I just did a Zagat search(private rooms) and remembered:
              Sam's of Gedney Way
              52 Gedney Way
              (bet. Mamaroneck Ave. & Old Mamaroneck Rd.)
              White Plains, NY

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                they can do 50-60 i think. My wife had her Bridal Shower there.

              2. Thank you, Jon. I think I am going to take your advice as to what to say, but I have to skip the Melting Pot. The smell in there doesn't agree with me...too much cheese. :)

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                  You may wish to check the menu. Whole lot more there than just cheese.
                  Last course is a killer if watching your weight.....;>D
                  I do, in truth, understand your point.

                  Sam's has very good food; I used their catering side for my GF's birthday.

                  Good luck where ever you go.

                2. Acquario in West Harrison is where we had my BIL's rehersal dinner. I think lunch would be less expensive, I know they worked with my MIL on the menu/budget and we really enjoyed it. Not sure if room is big enough for your needs though.

                  1. I have no idea of what lunch would run per person as it is not an inexpensive restaurant, but Lusardi's on Palmer Ave in Larchmont was where we had a lovely lovely anniversary party for my parents several years ago -- they have a very pretty front room that they use for private parties. I agree with NRFoodie that Sterling Inn might also be a great choice.

                    1. May I also suggest Palmer's Crossing on Palmer Ave in Larchmont? They have a large private room in the back, if that is too small, they also will close the restaurant for a private party. I like the food there - it is good and moderately priced.

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                        While I have not been there in awhile, I do recall the food as being rather good.
                        Do not recall private room as being large enought for 50 people but as I said have not been for awhile. Never would hurt to call or drop by and ask.

                      2. Thanks all...we have been away, so now I really need to get moving. I was hoping to possibly do it at the new Rye Grill and Bar, but when I spoke to someone tonight, she said she'd have to let me know because she " wasn't sure if they wanted kids running around". I wasn't even sure what to say considering I had told the 1st person I had spoken to that it would certainly be some children, but mostly adult. And anyway, such little kids can't run. And, if I have a private room- does it matter as long as we are not loud, or pains in the asses, and stay in the room except to use the bathroom? I am thinking 30-40 adults and maybe 12-15 kids under 10 ( mostly 1-3 years old)
                        Am I nuts for finding this kind of a problem?

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                          I would not give them my business. Although I don't have any specific suggestions, there are other places to be found.

                          As as aside, make this easy on yourself and keep it simple. Many 1 year olds get overwhelmed at these huge parties. My daughter (now 4) was not a happy camper at her 1st birthday party (for about 40 people). We don't even have a single picture of her smiling. On the other hand, my son (now 2), was very happy at his party (in my house for about 60 people). But it was also a combination housewarming/birthday party.

                          Good luck!

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                            I saw this article in the Journal News yesterday, apparently no kids upstairs;


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                              I've been here a couple of times already this week and I saw they do have a "private party" room upstairs that is off the main dining area. I am not sure if it was finished yet, it definitely wasn't in use yet. I would call and ask for the operating owner Mike Fabry and ask him directly. I took my three young kids there this week and it is very kid friendly still albeit much more upscale looking. I am thinking they were very very busy the first opening days and probably just spoke too soon regarding the little ones running around comment. I would also mention that comment to Mr. Fabry when/if you call again.

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                                Yes, I did speak to him. And, he in some way, echoed the notion that they really don't want the restaurant to be a "kiddie place". However, once we talked about the private room, it was a whole different ball game. We are going over there tomorrow to look at the space and hopefully finalize. The feeling was, as long as we are in the private room, no worries. My husband is still pissed off and is very thumbs-down now, but I need to get it together so I can send out invites soon.

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                              Not sure where you are located, but I know for the price, Mickey Spillane's in Eastchester has a decent sized room upstairs that is strictly for private parties. I went to a 40th birthday there and it was very nice. They have a menu with prices and options on their website. I believe it's under $40 a person

                            3. How about Trinity in Harrison. They have a big back room that can be divided.

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                                Ianelli's in White Plains has a new party room but I'm not sure they have it all together yet.
                                re: Rye Grill, the food and new docor is great and I would give them a chance to calm down. There was someone at the door the day we came in who seemed like a deer in the headlights and I wouldn't rely on that person for much information.