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Jan 9, 2009 05:02 AM

Private room for party? Lower Westchester. Help, please!

I am hoping for your suggestions on places that have a private room that can be used for a mostly adult party in the Lower Westchester area. I am planning a lunch party for our daughter's first birthday- but the guests will be mostly adult.

I've never done a private room type event in Westchester and could really use some help. I think I'd be dreaming to say I'd love to keep it at $40 pp?


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  1. Villa Nova in Pelham. Not sure on the price, but their food is good and they've been doing parties in their private rooms forever.

    1. Depends how many people. I am friends with the Chef/Owners of the Sterling Inn in New Rochelle. Yummy food (one of the best brunches in Westchester) and lovely space. You can tell them I referred you and they will treat you well!

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        1. re: wplady

          Yeah I know so sad. They had some issues with their landloard and such a bad location for an excellent place!! They will be back!

      1. how many people please?

        1. Oh, thank you, nrfoodie. I am going to look at their website right now.
          I am not yet sure how many people. It could be as many as 50-60 depending on the dollars and cents. And the little, little ones don't really count, but there would be around 12 kids total.
          I was looking at place in the Rye/ Mamk/ Larch/ WP area, but I wasn't even sure where to start or what to look for, or ask for.

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          1. re: MRS

            The Melting Pot in WP can do up to 50:

            As for asking, what you posted here is just fine.
            You are telling a business that you have a party of X on this day and can they host/handle it?
            And if so, then you get into details.

            1. re: MRS

              I just did a Zagat search(private rooms) and remembered:
              Sam's of Gedney Way
              52 Gedney Way
              (bet. Mamaroneck Ave. & Old Mamaroneck Rd.)
              White Plains, NY

              1. re: MRS

                they can do 50-60 i think. My wife had her Bridal Shower there.

              2. Thank you, Jon. I think I am going to take your advice as to what to say, but I have to skip the Melting Pot. The smell in there doesn't agree with me...too much cheese. :)

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                1. re: MRS

                  You may wish to check the menu. Whole lot more there than just cheese.
                  Last course is a killer if watching your weight.....;>D
                  I do, in truth, understand your point.

                  Sam's has very good food; I used their catering side for my GF's birthday.

                  Good luck where ever you go.