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Jan 9, 2009 04:47 AM

Great new restaurant in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay

The first new restaurant in ages has opened here in Jose Ignacio, near Punta del Este, and the food is fantastic.

It's chef Mario Mori from La Commedia in Montevideo; La Commedia now has its summer home at a hotel called Posada Azul Marino. Last night we ate risotto with baby squid and caramelized chives, ravioli stuffed with crab and parmesan cream, grilled black bass with fresh herbs, and a dark chocolate coupe with roasted mango, pistachio and curry, among other things.

Here's the info: +598 486 2363, Rt 10 Km 185 (that's where you turn and drive about a minute inland),

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  1. Is La Commedia in Montevideo open in January?

    1. Exigente, this is peer reviewed site; not for the obvious owner (one posting) to place an ad.