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Jan 9, 2009 04:39 AM


any comments on Tuyen at yonge and Sheppard

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  1. Been there several times and it's hit and miss and a bit pricey for what you get.

    I avoid their dim sum.
    Meats are cooked well but a bit bland for my tastes.
    Thai curries and rice are good enough for me, at times, but I prefer Thai bistro down the street.

    1. I ate at Tuyen about 2 months ago (quick bite before a movie at the Grande, so our options were Spring Rolls, Tuyen, Boston Pizza or the Firkin), and I doubt I'll be back. I haven't been a fan of Spring Rolls, but after eating at Tuyen, I have to say that Spring Roll generally serves tastier food than what I've had at Tuyen.

      Tuyen's green curry chicken was not very good. Their spring rolls were ok IIRC. I'd probably stick to spring rolls if I had to eat there again.

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      1. re: phoenikia

        I don't think Tuyen and Spring Rolls are comparable. Whenever I've eaten at Spring Rolls it has been beyond bland without a hint of spicyness.

        Tuyen CAN be hit and miss and has gone downhill but it is still far superior to that crap they serve at Spring Rolls.

        1. re: airsey

          You're right that Tuyen has gone downhill. I ate at Tuyen 2, maybe 3 times, in 2003, when I worked in the area, and at that time, it was one of the better places for a decent lunch.

          When I ate at Tuyen in November, the green curry chicken was extremely bland and it had a strange texture, which made me wonder where they were sourcing their meat. Maybe I ordered badly or it was an off day.

          1. re: phoenikia

            I can't recall them ever being consistent. IMO the problem with Tuyen is that they're menu offerings are too "wide" - Thai, Malaysian, Chinese & attempts asian "fusion". There's no "focus" on their menu. They and us, the customer, would be much better served if the menu was condensed to 10-15 mains that they could concentrate on and execute well.

            It's a great location and the decor is "fine". The martini's are "fun" but not necessarily good - if that makes any sense.

      2. The pad Thai is really bad (too much sugar and ketchup) but the chef "specialties" like braised lamb shank in wine is pretty good for $12.

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        1. re: ChalkBoy

          Agreed on both counts. The martinis are the sweet variety with explicit names. Fun but not great or real. The pad thai is also quite bad.

          There are a few items that are good including the soft shell crab.

          The thing I like about Tuyen is that it has a "downtown" feel even though it is uptown and there ARE things on the menu that are worthwhile you just have to figure out which ones!