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Jan 9, 2009 04:18 AM

Is it possible to eat well in Paris on Valentine's Day?

Last year, in response to a poster's horrific Valentine's Day experience at Laperouse, it was strongly suggested that holiday dining in Paris be avoided at all costs. Are there any exceptions? My husband has already booked our seats at the Crazy Horse for V Day evening, so it looks like there is no turning back. I live for dining out, but like many of you I do my best to stay at home durning holidays as to avoid a potentially miserable experience. Our hotel is in the 12th so for lunch I was thinking of L'Ebauchoir, and for dinner since the CH is in the 8th I had my heart set on L'Angle du Faubourg but it's closed on Saturdays. Convenience aside, I will gladly take rec's from any arrondisement. We are pretty comfortable getting around by car and metro. TIA!

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  1. I forgot to add that our budget for dinner will be around 50-60 euro/pp.

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      Well, Valentine's Day isn't that much of an issue over here. It's more that it falls on a Saturday this year, when good restos usually get quite full.
      What time is your show at the Crazy Horse (excellent, BTW)? As fall as I know, they do have severals, especially on weekends.

      I'd probably have a full meal at lunch and then just have something light before the show and possibly a last drink somewhere close to 'home' or then, if budget doesn't matter that much, near the Crazy Horse itself.

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        Thanks Dodo, your advice sounds good. We've reserved for the 23:30 show, in order to give ourselves ample time to enjoy a nice long dinner beforehand. Maybe we'll just end up having drinks and nibbles instead in a fun bar.