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Jan 9, 2009 02:30 AM

Anyone been to Gordon Ramsay Recently?

We are having dinner at Gordon Ramsay (not Maze) this month. I did a search of this Board and couldn't find anything in the past 6 months or so. Would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks in advance.


PS Gordon Ramsay is not on opentable and to hold your reservation you must provide a credit card (is this something new or just a GR thing?).

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  1. I will be dining next week. No opentable for them just phone reservations and maybe throught e-mail. They do require your credit card to hold the reservation. They must be doing well right now because I called three weeks ago and they were almost booked through. They book 2 months in advance, so if you want a specific time I recommend reserving now. From the reviews I've read recently since the new chef took over, who by the way was 08 rising chef, they have been stellar.

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      While it is true that tables at Gordon Ramsay do fill up quickly, you are not quite correct with regard to the chef. After Bruni in the "Times" gave G.R. only two stars, Ramsay did, indeed, fire his chef de cuisine, Neil Ferguson (who then opened Allen & Delancey but recently left there). However, presuming you are referring to the James Beard Award for Best Rising Chef in '08, it went to Gavin Kaysem, the executive chef at Cafe Boulud.

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        I stand corrected. I misread something. None the less the new chef seems to bringin in the crowds.

      2. I had a great lunch in the main dining room last year. I wanted to book another lunch, and have discovered they no longer serve lunch in the dining room. They do serve lunch in their more casual restaurant, Maze. There are a number of restaurants (most notably Per Se, Joel Robuchon and Momofuku Ko) that require a credit card to hold a reservation. I find it very annoying.

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          Robuchon did not require a credit card the last time we went. Maybe it's new?

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            They required it when I made my reservations (both OpenTable and the restaurant ask for it--just checked and OpenTable still requires a credit card to make a reservation).

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              thanks ellennost, maybe I'm old and demented and just don't remember :)

        2. Thanks everyone. We are going to the dining room (not Maze) next week. Any details on the FOOD? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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            Small portions, cold food, and non-existent service characterized my meal at Gordon Ramsey this past june. Hope you have a better experience.

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              I went this fall with a party of 6 and had a lovely time. I thought the room was nice and spacious for the small amount of people it sat (this is why they make you give a CC#--with only 45 seats, they can't afford any last-minute cancellations). Service was impeccable.

              The food was good--more fussily french than i had imagined (ie. pouring sauces at the table) but very very tasty. especially loved the foie gras, rabbit, and scallop apps, and the halibut with pigs tails, the duck, the veal, and the beef mains. desserts were good but not mind-blowing in that "Claudia Fleming at Gramercy Tavern in the 90s" way. Decent cheese cart, so that may be the way to go.
              I would def go back. nice quiet room, not "sceney" at all--just right for a nice dinner in which people want to talk and not be hurried along at all.

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                Thanks, missmasala. Looking for recs/avoids on the food. Can't wait to go next week . . .

            2. We went Wednesday night and had the 3 course menu with the wine pairing ($185 without tax and tip). It was very good. Room was lovely and quiet. Of our most recent upscale dinners my friend ranked Gordon Ramsay second after The Modern Dining Room, and Robuchon third. I will post a report soon.