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Cuisine at Home--thoughts on subscribing?

I just received a free, unsolicited, issue of Cuisine at Home, with a subscription card to get 2 years for the price of one. I've seen issues at the newstand now and then, but I'm wondering if it's worth it. I get Fine Cooking and love it, and I go to epicurious.com pretty often. I also get daily recipes sent to me from myrecipe.com, realsimple.com and the food network.com. Seems like a glut, doesn't it?

I don't cook as much as I used to, being an empty nester, and pretty simply when I do. I still love to look at recipes and collect them them, tho it would probably take a hundred years to try everything I've saved.

Should I get Cuisine at Home? Thoughts, anywone?


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  1. I subscribed for a while and loved it. If memory serves, it is a little more expensive because it has no advertising.
    I kept every issue because each one has recipes in it that I still use.
    The magazine became available at my local library, so I let my subscription run out.

    1. My friend gets the subscription for me each year - I really like it. The magazine has no advertising, great recipes and great tips. I really enjoy it!!!

      1. I love it! The recipes are awesome, and I feel like I learn a lot from it. I keep all my issues too.

        1. I get an unsolicited issue from them maybe once a year and what cracks me up is it is always the same issue - the one w/ the breaded chicken breasts on the cover. I have honestly received that same issue probably four times over the last 3-4 years. If you are trying to lure new subscribers, at least send out a different issue every now and then!

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            OMG that's the one I got! That's too funny. It did have some good tips--and I'm not exactly a newbie--but I'm thinking I won't subscribe. There wasn't enough content to make me fork over the money.

            Thanks for all the input.

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              The unsolicited issue you speak of is not a true issue, but a compliation of some articles from several magazines. I have been a subscriber for years, and think that the magazine is generally spot on, and while it doesn't have the literary leanings of Saveur or the gloss of Gourmet, it is a good resource material for recipes. I have never had a failure from any of their recipes.

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                you are spot on with your description.

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                  Hmmm, maybe I'll go to a newstand or bookstore to check out their latest issue. I may reconsider after I browse thru it.

                  Thanks for the clarification. Tho, don't you think they might get a better response if they sent a current issue instead of a compilation? Unless a current issue doesn't present as well as a compilation.

              1. Interesting comments from those more in the know than I. I got the sample issue, too, and my summary was this. It seemed like an odd combo of Simple and Delicious (formerly Quick Cooking) and Cooks Illustrated. S&D (my mother sends it to me, bless her heart) has similar "tips" (use rubber gloves to help open jars, use an egg slicer to slice strawberries) and until recently didn't have ads. Cooks Illustrated (which I used to subscribe to, but dropped in a budgeting purge), besides sending me occasional sample issues ;) also has the step-by-step instructions and the explanations of why you should do your crumbs this way to get this crust kind of thing.

                FWIW, my sample issue has Boston Cream Pie on the front, but a whole section on crusting chicken ;-)

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                1. re: momjamin

                  The amateur writing in the editor's letter always makes me laugh, laugh, laugh. The recipes are usually fairly solid, though.

                  1. re: wittlejosh

                    Ow -- I hadn't read the editor's letter. Let me quote for those w/o a copy nearby:

                    No matter where or what you cook, food always seems to draw a crowd. [Really? I made cookies yesterday in an empty house that stayed that way.] That can be good or bad...With this special issue of Cuisine at home, you can keep all of your friends and family happily entertained and well fed. There are plenty of easy-to-fix recipes to satisfy even the pickiest eater. Beef, pork, chicken, even pizza--it's all here! [Great -- I was wondering where I would find those recipes otherwise.] ... take a look at our new department, Cuisine Lite...Developed with "real" ingredients used in moderation, these recipes illustrate how to eat wisely without sacrificing any flavor. [Gee, I thought *eating* in moderation was more key to eating wisely than using ingredients in moderation. And why the quotes around "real"?]

                    Thanks for the chuckle ;-)