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Jan 8, 2009 08:52 PM

Opinions on LamsonSharp Knives

Does anyone have any experience or opinions on LamsonSharp Knives? I'm looking for a new utility knife (5 inches) and am considering this line but have not heard much about it.

Otherwise, any recommendations on a good quality, reasonably-priced utility knife? For my entire cooking "career" (so to speak) I've been using a serrated knife, of unknown origin, as a utility knife and have decided to switch to a regular blade. Any advice much appreciated.

Also, the serrated knife is getting a little dull.. Is there any way to sharpen it? I've heard conflicting views on this.

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  1. Lamson knives are pretty typical high-quality German knives. (Yes, they're made in the US, but of Solingen steel, and in German profiles.) If you like the way it feels, you'll be fine with it.

    1. I second dscheidts comments. They are good knives....and rarer than other brands...will hold value an American company. Go for it.

      1. In fact, they are made up in Shelburne Falls.

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          Also, if you are in the area, they will sharpen your knives for free. (Otherwise you have to pay to have them shipped.)

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            Thanks hilltowner. Do they have an outlet store?

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                They also have an auxiliary store in Northampton, but I am guessing you would have to pay shipping from there. A couple of years ago, I went to the store in Shelburne Falls, where I work, (not at the store, in the town), and I had to pay shipping to send the knives 5 miles to Greenfield, where they were being manufactured at the time. They have since moved manufacturing back to Shelburne Falls. And thank goodness for that.

                Also, the SF store has great deals on seconds and discontinued items.

        2. I got an offset serrated bread knife from them (through Different Drummer, Lenox) last year, and am VERY happy with it. Good weight, quality, and as EscapeVelocity says, an American company. How neat is that. (Ought to add, I'm a real bug about knives, very picky.)