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Jan 8, 2009 08:36 PM

$100 W-S giftcard. What would you do?

So I'm looking for a little input here. I got a hundred bucks for Williams-Sonoma and was wondering if anyone had any great ideas on what to spend it on. I already have great knives and don't really need any bakeware. I was thinking maybe cast-iron skillet. Lets hear some ideas...

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  1. hmmm... does WS carry plain CI skillets? I've never noticed them there.

    Personally, I would take $100 of that MagiMix food processor I've been lusting over :)

    1. Someone just posted this same Q a few days ago. Good ideas in the thread:

      1. W-S has the Le Creuset 10" skillet on sale now for $49.99 in red and dark green. You might also want the 2.5 qt. LC French oven for $99.99. Both are very useful and good deals!

        1. I have the same "predicament" -- and most things at W-S are so overpriced that I have difficulty considering them even if I'm just using a gift card!

          I'm leaning toward the All-Clad 11'' French skillet (I've been looking for a nice skillet for a while now, but haven't been willing to spend that kind of money on one) and a nice bottle of balsamic vinegar I'd think twice about buying otherwise.

          1. I just bought myself 2 Emile Henry dishes (large rectangular and ruffled pie dish) that I have been eyeing for a while. I had a gift card, plus they were on sale for 20% off.

            I would not buy a cast-iron skillet at W-S. You can get the Lodge ones on Amazon or elsewhere and they are so cheap. Why waste the money at W-S.