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Jan 8, 2009 08:17 PM

La Locanda Williamsburg

Any comments on this restaurant? Is it the best choice for great southern Italian food in Williamsburg or Greenpoint? What are the best dishes?

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  1. i used to live almost directly above la locanda. then - i thought it was decent, affordable, take-out. we used get the penne vodka a lot. nice people. cozy inside. at the same time, i wouldn't call it the best in that area. if you are looking to stick around graham avenue, lots of people like the frost restaurant on graham and frost.

    1. NO - it is nowhere near the "best" Italian food in the neighborhood. It's fine and serviceable if you want a cheap plate of pasta and you're too lazy to cook yourself. And, whatever you do, do NOT pay by credit card. The waiter stole my husband's credit card! (by which I mean that it was taken and random things were charged to it).

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        wow. really? i haven't been there in years...but that's terrible.
        agreed in terms of the food: it was a more a matter of convenience for us.

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          bamontes is kind of an amazing place. it's truly a relic. i think they have had the same staff since 1955 and a trip there feels like a trip back in time. i would describe bamonte's as upscale red sauce... although the food can be underwhelming. either way it's worth doing at least once in your life.