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Jan 8, 2009 07:34 PM

Fishkill area: need foodie recommendations

Hi all. We are looking advice from you chowhounders for a place to host a rehearsal dinner for a wedding this coming Spring near the Fishkill area. We particularly like homey, inventive, farm-fresh New American fare, nothing too fussy or stuffy though. We are considering the CIA American Bounty or St. Andrews Cafe but want to hear other options if they are out there. We're happy to drive but hopefully not further than half an hour. We'd love to hear your recommendations. Thanks so much.

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  1. Only place I know is a terrific Italian right in Fishkill - Il Barroloto

    Very authentic Italian fare, good looking place. No reservations.

    1. I see someone mentioned Il Barrolotto in Fishkill which is a great choice. They also have a sister restaurant Aroma Osteria which is better suited for a large group. In fact my good friends had their rehersal dinner at Aroma and it was very good.

      Another option is Busy Bee Cafe in Poughkeepsie. The food is very good. i think the only question would be if the setting is formal enough for you.

      American Bounty is my favorite CIA restaurant. The dinning room is very nice and the food has always been good. I also enjoy the fact that the servers are the students. If you ask you might even get a tour of the kitchen.

      If you are looking for a steakhouse Sapore on Main Street in Fishkill is also a good choice. I think they can provide you a private room as well.

      I hope this helps

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      1. re: hudsonvalleyfoodblog

        Thanks for the suggestions. Others have recommended il barilotto as well. We will definitely check it out.

        I hadn't heard of Busy Bee Cafe before. I went online to read some reviews. People seem to like the food a lot but complain about the decor and ambience. Could you fill me in on the details? I couldn't find any good pictures.

        1. re: blaqhole

          i don't think busy bee can host a rehearsal dinner; it seats 30-40 ppl, i'd guess? i really like their food, just don't know if it can accomodate you.

          i know artist's palate in poughkeepsie would be more likely to do that (they have an open center area which i've seen seated for about 16 ppl), but fishkill -> poughkeepsie on the weekend can be a bit of a trip because of the route 9 traffic.

          1. re: bob gaj

            Bob, I agree that Busy Bee can probably only accomidate about 40 people. Prior to moving to the Hudson Valley I lived in Queens. On all of our house hunting trips everyone up here kept talking about the traffic on Rt. 9. Honestly it's not that bad. Yes there are traffic lights but it shouldn't take more then 20 minutes to get from Fishkill to Poughkeepsie at any time. We just found it funny of how the traffic situation was described to us when we first moved up here.

            How is the artist's palate? I've heard good things. Thanks for sharing.

            1. re: hudsonvalleyfoodblog

              artist's palate - i had a *terrible* experience there several years ago with a friend. poor service, poor food. i swore it off.

              and i kept hearing about it being good stuff...we went for lunch one time, it was good. i've been back a few times since, and only had good+service, and solid food. the elk (i believe it was - like venison, but even more tender) this summer was exceptional, the bread / butter was tasty, and...i'm trying to remember the other stuff i've had, but i can't. anyhow, i've been for lunch and dinner and it's quite solid...entrees are mid/high 20s, drinks are 8-10, i believe. so it's not cheap, but it's good.

              the dinner menu is a bit different than the one online.

              summary - it fits everything the OP would want for there.

              1. re: hudsonvalleyfoodblog

                There are always side roads you can take to get to Poughkeepsie from the Fishkill/Wappingers area that cut down on your travel time by maybe 5 minutes or so. Really depends on the time of day and where you're coming from/where exactly in Poughkeepsie you're going, as far as the time it takes. I've tried to get it down to a science since I live in Wappingers and go to Poughkeepsie usually once or twice a week at least. Anyway, I agree, Aroma Osteria is wonderful, as is Il Barilotto, and Aroma is bigger, I think (or seems bigger).

                1. re: Solstice444

                  Thanks for the suggestion of Artist's Palate. I just checked out the website and the food seems interesting. We will definitely stop by and check it out. I'll call and see if they can accomodate larger parties.

            2. re: blaqhole

              Yes, I've seen those complaints about the decor. Honestly I don't understand their complaints. My wife and I decided to go to Busy Bee for a casual dinner on a Friday night. Since we saw the online reviews we went in jeans expecting it to be a true cafe. We were surprised to find that it was truly a restaurant complete with white table cloths. We were only slightly under dressed but did not feel the atmosphere was that bad.

              Busy Bee is located in a residential area and the building from the outside doesn't look like much. It's actually an old house. Inside there is no fancy lobby, only the hostess sitting at a desk. The desk is a little odd but kind of unique in the same way. Once inside the door you are right in the dinning room. The floor is all hardwood and the entire front of the dinning room is large picture windows. The room isn't huge either so I'm not sure how large your party is. Obviously that will be a deciding factor.

              Overall I think you'll have to see the place for yourself since I do not know your style. For me personally it would have been too casual for my rehearsal dinner but if you are looking for great food and not as concerned about decor this is a solid choice.

          2. Try Hudson rib and Fish in Fishkill or they have a sister restaurant in Cold Spring that has a beatifull view of the hudson river and West Point. The restaurant is inside of an Inn, so there are also rooms available for anyone coming from out of town. The restaurant is inside of The Hudson House. For those history buffs , they'll love it, Abraham Lincoln stayed there while the new cannons were being tested! Good luck with your wedding!

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            1. re: samiameggsandham

              i didn't much care for hudson ribs, but it's definitely not fitting OP's thoughts of a foodie reco or "inventive, farm-fresh New American fare".

              though if the OP is thinking of CIA, my comments about the route 9 traffic to poughkeepsie don't matter so much.

              thread on hudson ribs here:

              another thought: would bar & grill (highland), right across the river.

              1. re: bob gaj

                Oh good grief no. I had ribs not once but twice at Hudson Horror and both times they came out raw. NOT undercooked, but raw.

                blaqhole, as I've said on this board, I went to a wedding at Il Barilotto and it was excellent. Completely excellent, from the food to the drinks to the band to the service.

                You can't go wrong with Il Barilotto.

                Also, check out the cafe on the same street as Il Barilotto for lunch when you visit, it's an old-timey diner/luncheonentte type place, sorry can't remember the name.

                1. re: dolores

                  We are definitely checking out Il Barilotto. It's on so many blogs with pretty decent recommendations.

                  The Would bar & Grill looks interesting too. Just the kind of fare we'd be interested. Thanks for the suggestions. Keep them coming.

                  1. re: blaqhole

                    My hubby and I just ate at The Would about 2 weeks ago, and to be honest, I wasn't very impressed. I ordered a cosmo and it was totally made with a pre-made mix, and the food was not nearly as good as everyone here has said in the past. It was the week before christmas, and there was a big party in the main room, so perhaps that is why our food was so bland, but I wouldn't go back. My hubby's steak wasn't very good, and my vegetarian meal was not very big and needed more seasoning. In all, I thought it overpriced for the type and amount of food you got.

              2. re: samiameggsandham

                I second the Hudson House, I was actually there for a rehearsal dinner this fall and they did a nice job. There is a private room available with a bar and fire place.