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SE Michigan - The Current State of Pizza

I am picky about my pizza, but I am not one that subscribes to one school of Pizza i.e. Chicago or New York. I love Lou Malnati's pizza in Chicago, I used to have a short lived place in Dearborn (Brick Oven Bistro) that I loved that is no more...

I am now a man without a Pizza joint that makes him REALLY happy (at least within a few hundred miles).

After years of Sheild's, Buddy's, Niki's and Pizza Papalis not satisfying me...


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  1. Ah, Lou Malnati's. My second favorite choice in pizza in all of Chitown, but Choice #1 if the deal includes atmosphere and the whole meal. Their chocolate chip pizza was always a group favorite. But for just pizza alone, the original Gino's East on Superior was my choice. And believe me: it was a *very* slim margin. Lou's was the all-around choice, for sure.

    Have you not tried Loui's Pizza on Dequindre in Hazel Park? It's still my favorite pizza after all these years, including the 3.5 years I was in Chicago. It's better than Buddy's and Shield's, since Loui is the guy who gave those places their recipe. The problem of course, especially with Buddy's, is that they've really cheapened up the process over the years, and it shows. With Loui's, the quality is still there in spades. In fact, the only real complaint that I've had with Loui's over the years is that they went from *slices* of green peppers to *chopped* green peppers, which is less desirable to me.

    Still, Loui's Pizza is my all-time favorite. I've never had its equal. It is not, however, Chicago-style stuffed pizza. If that's a deal-breaker for you, then it might not satisfy. To me, though, Loui's is, and always has been the Gold Standard.

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      I grew up on Lou Malnati's and still love it. I get my fix by ordering it by mail via www.tastesofchicago.com. I must try Loui's. Thanks for the tip.

    2. Two suggestions:

      Loui's in Hazel Park.
      Crust in Bloomfield Hills & Rochester.


      1. As a former Chicagoan, I can sympathize. However, I've found "Tomatoes Apizza" to be truly excellent. Thin, perfect crust and a slightly sweet tomato sauce. My favorites are the White and the Green pizza. Two locations in Farmington Hills.

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          seconded tomatoes apizza, or just "ah beets" as we pronounce it

          their quatre stagione is great (4 quadrants of the pizza with different toppings)n but i don't see it listed on their online menu. My sister generally orders it, so I might have the name wrong. Also, if you just get a red pizza with bacon, it is pretty close to heaven

          I'm DYING to try Loui's. I never have a good reason to go to hazel park though...

          1. re: charlesbois

            "I'm DYING to try Loui's. I never have a good reason to go to hazel park though..."

            Yes, you do...you just don't know it yet. ;)

            1. re: boagman

              oh now I am definitely going to go...who needs a reason. I'll even brave this snow!

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                I envy you, I truly do. Actually, I envy *anyone* going to Loui's for the first time, since there's ever only one first time. I've been going there all of my life since they opened the place, and even on their worst day, it's better than the rest.

                Hazel Park, or Hazeltucky, or whatever you'd like to call it (not unfairly, mind you) is actually home to Pi's Thai Cuisine a couple of miles away from Loui's, which is *also* a standalone reason to go to Hazel Park. Both establishments are top-notch in my book. In fact, since I'm dog-sitting/house-sitting in Hazel Park this weekend, my dining destination tonight will be Pi's. Haven't yet decided what I'll have, but the Spicy Noodle may very well be the choice tonight, starting off with the chicken tom yum soup.

                Ah...good food is wonderful to write about, even when I'm not hungry at the moment! Great memories of satisfaction, dontchaknow.

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                  We recently went to Tomatoes Apizza in Farm Hills and loved it. I used to think it couldn't be a decent pizza if it was on a thin crust but I was wrong. We had garlic, bacon,green peppers and fresh mozzarella (cost is a few $ more but worth it). It was so good.

                  Boagman I love what you said about envying a first time visit. On that excellent rec I will have to try out Loui's. I'm from the west side but have always wanted to go to the Royal Oak Eastern Market - are the two close in location?

                  Tomatoes Apizza
                  29275 14 Mile Road, Farmington Hills, MI

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                    I take it that you're asking about the Royal Oak Farmer's Market? Eastern Market is the one in Detroit. Anyway: the ROFM is approximately 10 minutes from Loui's, if that. They're maybe 5 miles from each other, total. Just so you know, Loui's is definitely *not* thin crust style...it's definitely thick crust stuff. It's still my favorite. the ROFM is on 11 Mile near Main Street (1/8 mile east of that), and Loui's is on Dequindre just north of 9 Mile.

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                      oops...yes, I meant the Farmer's Market in Royal Oak. Thanks for the info. I really like all types of pizza...so long as it's good and doesn't taste like Hungry Howie's or Dominos!! So, I'll be fine with the thick crust!

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              I thirded Tomatoes apizza! My hubby who is from NY and an expert on pizza also thinks Tomatoes has pizza equal in excellence to NY pizzas. And that's saying alot! Just everything about it, the crust, sauce, cheese meld together to make an excellent pizza.

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              Agreed about Tomatoes. It earns its national admiration, hands down. A wonderful, bright place to unwind for pizza.

              But for this place to be so good, I was shocked by the powdered Parmesan cheese in the shaker bottle! The joint that got #1 on the "GQ Top-25 2009" list does not, and I was disappointed to see those here. Also: the beverages were just national brand name trash.

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                I recently had the pleasure of trying Tomatoes Apizza. I have to agree one of my favorites so far in Michigan. This crust but not crispy except the edge. Great fresh tomato sauce that still tastes like fresh tomatoes. Garlic bread is awesome too. Real chunks of fresh garlic on it with real garlic flavor not granulated garlic powder flavor.

                One location uses a brick oven the over a coal oven. I've yet to try to coal oven location but it's on the agenda.

                1. re: Foog

                  Which one does what? I'm closer to the Halsted location, but my friends who go to the Middlebelt location love it.

                  1. re: Fibber McGee

                    Middlebelt is coal and halstead is brick.

              2. Lou Malnati's? Good, but not Giordanno's

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                1. re: Mid Michigan Dining

                  HA! You tell yourself whatever you have to in order to sleep at night, MMD, but Gino's East and Lou Malnati's had it *all over* Giordano's. Not even close. Mind you: I do like Giordano's, but if I'm going to Chitown, I ain't goin' for the distant third place finisher before I go to the first two, ya know? ;)

                  BTW: only one "n" in Giordano's.

                  1. re: boagman

                    Next time I hit Chi-town I will hit all three and see what I think...

                    The veggies (Mainly the flavorful tomatoes) sold me on Lou's on my previous visits...

                    1. re: boagman

                      no way...you got those reveresed. I grew up on Giordano's pizza. Nothin better....and I'd put Malnati's ahead of Gino's East. I get Malnati's shipped to me here in Michigan only because Giordano's won't ship a meat pizza. I like all three too, but Giordano's is the best pizza in Chicago

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                        Well I was in Chicago this weekend and finally got to Giordano's....Good on many fronts.

                        For Cheese I like Giordano's better...
                        For Sauce, Veggie Quality and Crust I am still gonna go with Lou's.

                        I was only there for one night (Pixies Concert) so Gino's East will have to wait.

                        Although I did have brunch at the Publican. OMGWTFBBQ! I had the Fried french toast with Strawberry Preserves, Foie Gras and Sausage with a side of Maple Syrup. I also had a side of their bacon (Outstanding) and the pork rinds (Addictive). My wife had a Leek and Black Truffle Omelet. This should be a must visit for any of us Chowhounds when we get to Chicago. I fully endorse and want to make the 4.5 hour drive again next Sunday just to try some more.

                        Also...as the Original Poster....I have come to fully love Supino's Smokey pizza. Speck, Ricotta and Garlic. Mmmmm

                        1. re: JanPrimus

                          The Pixies are touring?

                          So, has anyone tried any of the brick-oven pizza places that have popped up around Waterford/West bloomfield the last couple years?

                    2. For New York style I say My Cousin's New York Pizzeria at Square Lake and Woodward has the best around. I've tried Brooklyn in Birmingham and Georgios in Rochester, but Cousin's always get me back every time.

                      For the deep dish style, I can only take Boagman's word on this, but I do plan to someday make a trek over to Loui's this year, just to say I tried it so he will shut up about it when we debate pizza. :-)

                      1. Pizza in greater Detroit is fairly dissapointing. How bad is it that some (actually many in this area) think the best is from some chain? YIKES!
                        My first pick would be Pizzapapalis on Northwestern or better yet the GreekTown location.

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                        1. re: Fritter

                          To what chain are you referring? Local chains are a LOT different than national chains, imo.

                        2. Sorry, can't agree with boagman on Loui's. Barkis and I went to Loui's a while back on boagman's rec and found the pizza incredibly salty. Sauce was heavy whereas Buddy's is light. I won't be back.

                          Tomatoes is definitely the place. Actually, there are two places. The place on 14 Mile uses a coal-fired oven, which charrs the pizza slightly. It's technically a New Haven style, but bears marked similarities to New York style.

                          My Cousin's New York Pizzeria is a good, solid New York style of pizza. They sell by the slice. One of the owners is from Brooklyn. I thought that Brooklyn Pizza in B-ham was good too. I have to re-test My Cousin's and Brooklyn Pizza soon. Sylvio's in Ann Arbor makes a real Neapolitan style. He's right off the boat from Naples. Hmmm, I'm gettin' hungry.

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                            It's Silvio's with an "i." Was debating whether to jump in about this place. It's uneven but often extremely good. The family that runs it is from the Abruzzo region, not Naples, I believe, but they are certainly as Italian as they come. Interestingly, they are sort of organic-oriented--mostly but not completely vegetarian. Some great soups. Tip: eat the pizza there--it's best hot out of the oven.

                          2. So Detroit has 4 of the top 25 Pizza places ranked by GQ writer Alan Richman. Two of which I dissed in my OP. I think Niki's only achieved the list due to novelty. I have been dragged many times to Niki's and I always wonder why people like the place so much. Oh well...I have made less popular statements in the past (Like not liking Miller's Burgers).

                            As for Buddies...yes the crust is good but the rest to me are very 'meh'.


                            I still have not hit all the pizza places you guys listed here...mainly due to distance and loosing my job :(

                            Anyways I have had a good experience at the ones I did go to.

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                              BTW, definitely give Supino's Pizza in Eastern Market in Detroit a try. Excellent thin-crust New York-style pizza. It wasn't even on the guy's list (probably hard to find if you don't know your way around).

                              1. re: JanPrimus

                                I haven't had pie at Nikki's in ages. Maybe longer. BTW I was reading the Ontario forum and who knew that so many folks in Canada thought so highly of "Windsor" pizza or that there was even a "Windsor" style pie. That was a new one to me. It looks like a trip over to Canada is in order to give it a try.

                              2. Pizza house in Ann Arbor best Chitown deep dish, That's all i gotta say

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                                  If you want Chicago-style pizza, I second Pizza House. There is better pizza in Ann Arbor, though -- Silvio's Organic Pizza. It's a thin crust, wood oven pizza with numerous imaginative choices. They also make calzones and even a Nutella banana calzone. Everything is homemade, even the pastas.

                                  Silvio's Organic Pizza
                                  715 N University Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

                                2. I am looking for a thin crust, stuffed pizza ... ideally; a clone of Bacino's (Chicago).

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                                  1. re: rainsux

                                    Tomatoes at 14 & Middlebelt is my fav (they have a coal fired oven at this location)

                                    For NY style I would say My Cousin's NY Pizza on Woodward & Square Lake is a good MI replacement for your NYC slice cravings

                                    For Chicago Style you have to trust me and try Tivoli's in Utica on Old Van Dyke (they have good wood fired pizzas too)

                                    1. re: FM23

                                      FM23 seems to have been tuned out for a while, so I may have to carry this torch myself; but, his Tivoli's recommendation is rock-solid. I've had two pizzas there, and upon having my third, I will write a fuller review. As a preview, I'll mention that while only their thin crust pizzas are done in their wood burning oven (versus their gas ovens for thicker crusts), that wood burning oven does not just have a log thrown in it "for show and a hint of flavor"---it has a raging log fire inside it. And, while this 36 yr old establishment doesn't fancy itself as a gourmet place, its toppings feature prosciutto, CHOICES of salamis; tuna, Sicilian green olives, fresh "rucola," and seven choices of cheeses. Those finding themselves anywhere east of I75 and near M59 need to try this place in Utica. Hounds in Detroit, Ann Arbor or Bloomfield Hills can do their own thing at the high profile GQ places (which I've also tried, happily!).

                                  2. Definitely Supino's! I was in Detroit for the hockey play-offs and hit Supino, Tomatoes Apizza and Buddies. (Shields, Cottage Inn, Jets on my last trip there). Just for background, I live in San Francisco now but I grew up outside New Haven. My fav in NH is Pepe's and my fav in SF is Delfina (no pizza in SF is as good as MI or CT). That much said, Supino's ROCKS! I'll try to attach a photo. (My preference was the pepperoni and mushroom with tomato sauce, simple perfection.) Tomatoes Apizza tries to boast of their lineage, but the product is strictly suburban.

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                                      Second--absolutely incredible thin-crust pizza in Detroit's Eastern Market area.

                                    2. For those of you who are bagging on Hazel Park, or "Hazel Tucky" as you call it, I have one question: what city do you live in that's so effing great???

                                      Hazel Park has a lot to offer, and many hard working people live there.

                                      Do us a favor, and DON'T come to Louis ~ your elitist attitudes won't fit through the front door.

                                      I'll travel anywhere, ANYWHERE for good 'za.

                                      The atmosphere and decor of Louis cannot be beat, let alone the pizza and awesome antipasto salad there.

                                      Supino's is one of the best new pizza places in the area.

                                      I agree w/ FM23's recommendation of Tivoli's in Utica. Delicious thin crust, stuffed crust or Sicilian style. Family owned, nice people.

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                                      1. re: pizzachic

                                        *Easy* there, tiger...take it easy. I live in Waterford and call that city Watertucky, too. I'm not unfair about the nature of the term. Taylortucky receives the same treatment. I grew up in Ferndale, so I've got nothin' but warm feelings for Hazeltucky. If you think I'm going to stop calling it that, though, you're greatly mistaken. Never claimed it was a horrible place, but the moniker fits.

                                        If you search out my other posts, I've got nothing but love for Loui's (I've spelled it correctly here, BTW), and I'm also a huge fan of Pi's Thai Cuisine at 10 Mile and John R. Nonetheless, if the shoe fits, wear it.

                                      2. I finally got to Supino's for lunch today and got the Smoky. i think it was Mozz, Gouda, Ricotta, Speck and Roasted Garlic. I was very happy with my pie! Many bites induced the closing of eyes, relaxation of muscles and then a general whole body shiver of pleasure. I will be back soon!

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                                          I also went to Supino's for the first time on July 24. Stopped in with the wife and daughter on the way home from the airport. Yes the pizza is great but the experience and service was one of the worst I have ever experienced. We stood by a high top table for several minutes as it was filthy from the last diners. Finally my daughter cleaned it with napkins. We sat for awhile and no one came so I went to the register and asked do I order here or is there a waitress. The cashier said give me the order and I will bring it out. So I order fill my own pops from the fountain and a few minutes later the salad comes out. 50 minutes later as I watched all the other tables get service from the waitress I inquire about our pizza and the guy was just making it obviously they forgot. Ten minutes later the pizza is brought out no apology no oops we made a mistake NO just here is your pizza. And yes the pizza was good bordering on great but come on a little customer service. The owner was there as well or a manager he dressed and kind of looked like PeeWee Herman but you could tell he was in charge.

                                          I would not go back with the family maybe before a sporting event with buddies.

                                          Sorry for the RANT.


                                          1. re: firestalker

                                            I think you have every reason to rant, firestalker. Any restaurant that is so full of itself and begins to think they can coast on past performance, deserves to be called out.

                                        2. Just had a double dose of Dan Good Pizza yesterday; from its new location at 9 Mile and Mack. $1 slices of the Traditional Round for lunch, and shared a large Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza at dinner. I think both were very good.

                                          The Trad slices equated to a six napkin usage: very oozy. The Chicago Style was divine. Dan Good red sauce is balanced, not acidic, not sweet. A nice foundation for a nice pie.

                                          1. Not Chicago style, but if you haven't tried the pizza at the Lantern (or the Latrine, as it is affectionately known) you don't know what you're missing. They slice their own pepperoni, not mass-produced see thru food service lunch meat. My favorite is pepperoni/bacon/onions, but plain pepperoni is outstanding. About 2 1/2 miles North of Loui's in Madisippi (Madison Heights). The Italian Sub is great, but the pizza is so good, most folks have never tried it.

                                            Green Lantern Lounge
                                            28960 John R Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071

                                            1. Dearborn Italian Bakery is still my favorite of them all. It's not a CHI pie, if that's what you want, but its worth a try.

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                                              1. re: jmorto11

                                                Is that the place next to La Pengiuna? <sp>

                                              2. Tonight I am looking for some Pity.

                                                My people from my wives work are all getting together Downtown tonight, doing dinner and then consume massive amounts of alcohol before we all land up in the Detroit HIlton to crash. We mainly we will be centered around Greektown. So after all of the wrangling about where they would choose to eat (I hate being the outsider on this)....they choose Pizza Papalis. GAhhhhhhh!

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                                                1. re: JanPrimus

                                                  So you've got a decision to make. Do yo want to be the GH or the DH? <g>

                                                  1. re: JanPrimus

                                                    I don't mean to rub it in, but I'm babysitting tonight, and since I'm bigger than the kid, I get to choose dinner and its going to be my first trip to Loui's. (Based on the above rec's...last week was Tomatoes Apizza*). Hang in there; the things you do for love...

                                                    *Tomatoes Apizza was great. Went to the coal oven (/gas oven) one. Crust and sauce were perfection. While I know pizzas aren't about the cheese, the cheese was not memorable, IMO, and the garlic didn't taste fresh to me. In any event, loved the pizza; and, the pizza cook (Italian term = ?) was very willing to give me a complete tour of the oven and a run down on how the pizza is made. (man, that F.H. strip mall is ugly, though)

                                                    1. re: vtombrown

                                                      Well it ended up being not so bad....my wife and I did lunch at LaPita and had mostly a good meal (I was not to much of a fan of the Shawarma, but loved everything else I had. I should say though that we had a horrid waiter. After the meal was dropped off, he dropped of the face of the planet and had to wave down another waiter to get some garlic sauce.

                                                      BY the time we got to PP in Greektown the drinks were flowing and it just ended up being another craptastic pizza to shove down the throat. Glad they at least had Makers Mark down at the bar. Later we hit up a lot of bars and pickled our brains. We were good kids and stayed at the Hilton.

                                                      Breakfast was pretty nice at Le Petit Zinc over in Corktown. First trip in and I am sure I will visit again. Cute place!

                                                      1. re: JanPrimus

                                                        Makers Mark. That can salvage any night.
                                                        For me, the Loui's was good, but I do think there is a sentimentality and neighborhood thing at play, too. Not trying to pick a fight with Boagman.

                                                        Will check out Le Petit Zinc. Me and the kid hit Mudgies (thanks) for brunch, so we were just down the way from you. Cheers
                                                        PS---I'm glad to see you didn't salute the tuition-paying students of UofM for sponsoring you and your wife's big night out eating and drinking. (tastefully, it must have been private sector money)

                                                        1. re: vtombrown

                                                          Wife works in the U of M Cancer ward making Chemo Cocktails. We all paid for everything out of our own pockets. No sane company, non-profit or other business entity would dare try to pay for all the trouble we attempted to get into. We were like Kieth Moon and Amy Winehouse out on a date during one of the legendary benders they are known for.

                                                          As for Pizza....I am still in the Supino's boat!

                                                          1. re: JanPrimus

                                                            IMHO there is no "other boat" to be in. Supino's rocks!!!!!!!

                                                  2. Supino is the best Pizza I've had outside of New York, by far. The Bismarck and Smoky were both sublime and the owner is a very cool guy.

                                                    2457 Russell St, Detroit, MI 48207

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                                                    1. re: uhockey

                                                      That Smokey has made me a believer....The first time I had it I was taking a bite, closing my eyes and savoring all of the taste that would come and go....this was a bad thing because I was driving. It is my go to #1 pizza in town.

                                                    2. I finally had Supino a month or so ago. I ordered The Bismark. I had picked it because I like prosciutto and asked if I could get it without the egg. The awesome person behind the counter convinced me that I was wrong. And I was. The Bismark rocked! Looking forward to trying the Smoky.

                                                      2457 Russell St, Detroit, MI 48207

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                                                      1. Went to Tomatoes Apizza at 14 and Middlebelt tonight. We were a party of six and everyone left happy. I've driven by the place hundreds of times, but never thought about it. Thanks, Chowhounders for another great find.

                                                        We were split into three couples.

                                                        #1 ordered the Ceasar salad, garlic bread and the classic pizza with bacon Loved everything. I sampled the garlic bread and it was crisp and garickly, with a slight bite. Salad perfect. Pizza 10 out of 10.

                                                        #2 ordered the cheese bread and a classic pizza with bacon. Again, loved it, no complaints.

                                                        #3 (Me) ordered the Caprese salad, which was surprisingly good considering it's the middle of the winder. We also got the quatro pizza. The red, white and green were all delicious. We ordered the classic with meatballs. Not a meatball fan generally, but I tried a piece and really enjoyed it.

                                                        So glad I found Chowhound and all the great restaurants it's led me to. I'll definitely be a repeat customer at Tomatoes Apizza.

                                                        Tomatoes Apizza
                                                        29275 14 Mile Road, Farmington Hills, MI

                                                        1. So FWIW, Food & Wine just listed their top 25 pizza places across the U.S. ... from Detroit, they put Buddy's on the list ... no one else. *sigh* ...


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                                                          1. re: proclusian

                                                            Wow. "Limited in scope" is an appropriate adjective, I'd say. Last time I had Buddy's, I was under-stinking-whelmed. It wasn't that it was awful or anything, but it wasn't in the *least bit* anything to write home about. That has to have been 3-4 years ago now, and I haven't been back since. I've been to Loui's, though...no less than 20 times since then!

                                                          2. I just don't get the rave reviews for Supino's. It is fine. It is perfectly acceptable. Like a tall glass of ice water. It is the base, bare minimum in terms of what one should expect from a pizza place. If it was in NYC, it would be as anonymous as any of the 50,000 pizza parlors that no one knows by name. It is a "1" on a scale of 1-5. 1 being the most neutrally acceptable level of commonplace pizza. Whereas Buddy's, et al are like a -50. I didn't think that there would ever be a place around here that even DESERVES a "1", so kudos to Detroit for catching up to other culinary frontispieces like Barkeyville , PA. But, gosh, let's stop patting them on the back for achieving acceptable mediocrity.

                                                            2457 Russell St, Detroit, MI 48207

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                                                            1. re: BoomerHater

                                                              I bet the airs smells REAL good up there.

                                                            2. While I was down in Arizona I got a chance to hit up Pizzeria Bianco.


                                                              I had 3 of the 4 pizza's they had. It was the best I have had, but I agree with this guys end speech.

                                                              Now how does it compare to SE Michigan's similar options? In order of my favorites in town.

                                                              1. Cellar 849 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWs6Bx...) - Crust goes to Bianco in a heart beat, Cheese goes to Bianco a little less. Toppings I would say are equal.

                                                              Tie for 1st. Supino's - Crust is slightly less than Bianco, Cheese is Slightly less too, and option I actually liked Supino's better (I think the roasted Garlic and Speck are the tilting difference).

                                                              2nd. - Pizzeria Biga - Bianco wins hands down on all fronts.

                                                              3rd. - Crust - Not in the league.

                                                              Note: I have yet to get my @ss to Tomatoes Apizza. I will make this so soon.....

                                                              On a note on Bianco's Crust....I had a moment with the Pizza bones....something I never have experienced. The yeasty tartness survived the heat and I was in heaven (That is a lot since I am a agnostic). Best bread product I have ever had. BY FAR.

                                                              Tomatoes Apizza
                                                              29275 14 Mile Road, Farmington Hills, MI

                                                              2457 Russell St, Detroit, MI 48207

                                                              1. Do yourselves a favour and come to Windsor. If its high quality thin crust you crave, this is the place. Try any of the 100+ in town. You wont be sorry. For a special treat check out the Italian clubs (caboto, ciociaro) for the wood oven pies. I highly recommend the porcini (fresh) and provalone at the Caboto club....devine!