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MSP: Brickhouse BBQ struggling

Stopped in for ribs with a buddy tonight, and the place was dead. Struck up a conversation with the owner, and they're on their last breath. Business has apparently dropped off since Thanksgiving. Too bad, as I love the naked Beef Ribs. If you like this place, better get there while you can; it may not make it through the winter.

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  1. I've never even heard of it. Where do I find this place?

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      here's a thread on brickhouse with place link. i tried their bbq and thought it was solidly good. hope the place can survive, as msp is in dire need of good bbq-- heck even *decent* bbq, and as mentioned in the thread, the north side of mpls is in dire need of successful restaurants. january/february is the killing season for little indie restaurants and food establishments, lots of people pack it in either right after the holidays, or at tax time, when it's clear they can't continue :(


      Brickhouse BBQ
      4330 Lyndale Avenue N, Minneapolis, MN

    2. My mom and I had breakfast there a couple of weeks ago and it was really good. I know it's hard to screw up bacon and eggs, but it's surprising how many do. This place is good. I've heard good things about the BBQ too.

      1. If the "N" in the address is off putting, you can get to the Brickhouse quickly off 94. Take the Dowling exit or the one just north of it. and travel on Lyndale to the address. I've had wonderful burgers, chicken, and the BBQ is awesome.

        The have a big menu. Something for everyone.
        Thanks SK, for your support of their BBQ.

        1. Good news. Stopped in on Thurs, and the owner said business is picking up. I've been telling him he needs a bike night ala Yarussos or Delanos for the summer.

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            I was in a few weeks back and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The ribs were tender and meaty. I will definitely be going back.

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              Wow. Just came back from a late lunch/early dinner. The beef ribs have totally readjusted my expectations. I've never had any that was so juicy and flavorful. The edges tasted like jerky -- the seasoning was wonderful. The pork ribs were a little dry, but that may be because we showed up at 4:30 pm.

              Definitely on my list for BBQ favorites.

          2. husband loves bbq ribs... sounds like a good place to try!

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              I had a 2 days business trip and came back to reheat the beef ribs last night. It wasn't a dream. They were spectacular out of the microwave.

            2. I went tonight, in a fit of guilt over not having visited one of the few real restaurants in my neck of the woods. It still seems to be struggling. I talked up the owner. His wife is ecuadorian, and they apparently serve ceviche from time to time, though there is no demand for it.

              My pork ribs were good. Plenty of char without compromising the flavor. The spicy BBQ actually has a little kick, and nice balance overall. I could have asked for more from the accompaniments, but that's not why I was there. My friend ordered a hot fudge sundae, which was enormous, especially for the price ($3.75, IIRC).

              Good price points make it a servicable lunch and takeout option. I'd go back.

              1. I was there last night, for the first time. They're still struggling. I was the only one in the place around 7PM. They said that 95-98% of their business is takeout, but they have to pay rent on the whole place.

                They have almost a year left on their lease, and they're thinking of relocating when it is up. They're thinking somewhere in NE Minneapolis would be a better fit, and closer to home.

                I question whether they'll have the money for a new place after this one is done. They've clearly put a lot of work into the place, and it is empty.

                But, I was pretty happy with my meal. The owner said that the baby back ribs were his favorite, and they were nice and meaty, although perhaps a little dry. A splash of their sauce fixed that problem.

                I also liked the mac and cheese, once I added a little salt to it. It was sort of flavorless before the salt brightened things up.

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                  I agree that the location isn't the best. Finding a spot in NE would be good, I think.

                  I hope they survive...I really like the place.

                2. For planning purposes, what kind of prices do they charge? Is it fairly standard compared to other rib places? Thanks.

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                    cheap to moderate iirc. bbq sandwiches under $9, 1/2 chicken + bone combos in the teens, most expensive stuff at or around $23? never did have brickhouse breakfast-- anybody have a report on that?

                    wrt this place moving into NE-- i think that would take more capital than they might think-- NE rents seem to be skyrocketing, in relative terms, while the economy is in a major kink and business is not great for anyone. lots of storefronts sitting open. brickhouse might do better as a neighborhood-type place, operating out of a *much* smaller space, with just a few tables, in south minneapolis.

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                      They were thinking of a location on Central Ave. Apparently, they had been looking at one that became a Thai restaurant. Northeast is also closer to home for them.

                  2. Update: Had great baby backs and BBQ chicken tonight. But also found out the landlord has booted them. They'll be there for the next two weeks, but are looking for a location to continue focusing on ribs.

                    When they find an place, and I hear, I'll share.