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Vegetarian Lunches

Any ideas on what to bring for lunch - I need some new ideas=
anything would be welcome

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  1. Indian, Mediterranean...

    What are you tired of?

    1. bread sandwich, water, apple

      1. Shaved Fennel and Pistachio Salad,
        Corn-and-Wild Rice Salad,
        Papaya Salsa,
        Orange Ginger Salad,
        Roasted Beet, Apple and Goat Cheese Salad

          1. I really like stuff i can eat cold. Before I went vegan, I would sometimes make a caprese sandwich (mozzarella, tomato, pesto, spinach on italian or french bread).
            Also good is cous cous with whatever vegetables you like mixed in.

            1. Mash canned garbonzos w/ your favorite mustard and slather on bread.

              1. Shepherd's (or Israeli or various other names) salad. We make extra supper and use the leftovers for lunch the next day. Today we're taking carmelized brussel sprouts with pecans and rice pasta. Yesterday we took brown rice with lecho.

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                  I like Israeli salad with some shredded lettuce and quinoa mixed in. Do you add in the dressing the night before or in the morning?

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                    We generally take it as leftovers so it's all made the night before. We also sometimes add quinoa or garbanzos or TJ's marinated beans.

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                      I usually do all the chopping the night before and leave some non-dressed for lunch. Just curious what others do. Sometimes I add a bit of tahini to the dressing.

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                        Dressing for us is lemon juice, tinned tomatoes, and tahini.

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                          Oh that's interesting. I use lemon juice, cumin, salt, and a little olive oil. Do you use tomato sauce?

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                            No, we use tinned diced tomatoes from WFM. We mix the tahini and lemon juice first (it changes the texture) and then mix in the tomatoes. We then add the other ingredients.

                2. I had a great lunch today, made up of leftovers:
                  Salad made of grated carrot, dates, orange segments and orange zest
                  Salad made of grated beets, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, maple syrup
                  Salad made of grated celery root, mayo, plain yogurt, herbs, pecans, lots of pepper
                  A bit of leftover roast chicken for protein - not really vegetarian, but that was in my lunch, so...

                  I have to say I went on a vegetable grating frenzy this week, so it was easily put together.

                  1. Cold noodles with soy, Sriracha, sesame oil, chilies, scallions, cilantro, celery and peanuts
                    Mapo tofu
                    Dal makhani
                    Sarson ka saag
                    Wheat noodles sauteed with carrots, snow peas, garlic, onions, celery and soy sauce
                    Falafel with rice pilaf and yogurt

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                      I do the same as your first response but I use plain blocks of ramen that I bought from a Chinese grocery.

                    2. If there is a microwave, you can heat a (raw) potato for 4 minutes then top it with anything from yogurt and curry powder to salsa and cheese or olive oil with fresh pepper and sea salt.

                      -Stewed tomatoes: heat and eat as soup
                      -Popcorn, unless it's banned at your office
                      -Crunchy salad: soy beans, corn, chopped carrots, fresh dill, yogurt, lots of fresh pepper (optional: garlic and minced onions, possibly chopped seeded cucumbers)
                      -Canned peas mushed and heated with curry powder
                      -Hummus, baba ganouj, other spreads with pita

                      (I've been known to keep a drawer full of canned foods and spices at my desk)

                      1. Thanks all for replies

                        1. I normally eat soup for lunch every day. I make a bit pot on the weekend, heat it each morning as I get ready for work, then bring it in a Thermos. However, I've been having odd noodle salad cravings, so this week I'm doing a really simple noodle salad. I've got soba noodles, vegetables (red pepper, carrot and cucumber), pressed tofu, tons of fresh cilantro and homemade dressing (sesame oil, brown rice vinegar, lime juice, sugar, peanut butter, ginger). I'll toss the salad each morning before I leave the house.

                          1. Tempeh 23,987 ways.
                            Brown rice and amaranth.
                            Chilies, soups, chowders in a thermos.
                            Peanut sauce on soba, grains, veggies, etc.

                            I'm hungry.

                            1. Lentil soup (very filling). I actually use Progresso and add a little shredded cheese on top.

                              I have to say, sometimes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat also hits the spot.

                              1. I love leftovers for lunch, or things like pita and hummus, lentil salad, wraps with a bunch of veggies, and a maybe a protein spread like hummus.
                                Salads with everything but the kitchen sink thrown in.
                                I love making mock tuna salad sandwhiches, where you just mash up some chickpeas with a fork, and some vegenaise (or you could use mayo, I suppose), then just add some salt and mustard powder, and a little nutritional yeast if you have it.

                                You could also check out www.veggieboards.com for lots of recipes and ideas.

                                1. I survived on tofu Bahn Mi (a vietnamese sandwich) for years. The basic parts are easy to make, try out different densities of tofu and marinate them as well. Crisp, fresh and just plain good.

                                  1. I rely on Indian packaged meals. Tasty Bites was the original brand I tried, but now I usually eat Haldirams Minute Khanas.

                                    Of course, you need to check sodium and fat levels, but they are tasty and generally healthy.

                                    Here's a link:


                                    1. - Cheese sandwich on whole wheat w/avocado
                                      -salad of drained rinsed black beans, drained rinsed canned corn mixed w/minimum amt. of ranch dressing ~~ add a handful of toasted sunflower kernels
                                      -scoop of cottage cheese in melon half
                                      -cheese quesadillas

                                      1. something as simple as deviled eggs and some crisps, along with a fruit salad...

                                        id bring some pre-cooked spaghetti squash, with sauce on the side, then combine and reheat

                                        hungarian carrots - carrot sticks stewed with onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, olive oil, coriander, parsley, bay leaf

                                        black bean dip with some baked tortilla chips... or bring the components to nachoes, then sprinkle, and heat/melt in micro or toaster - black beans, salsa, cheese, avocado, chips (Tortilla Chips with an Identity Crisis from TJ's), sour cream, etc.

                                        spinach and brown rice patties...