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Jan 8, 2009 06:39 PM

Vail -- Atwater on Gore Creek

Has anyone tried Atwater on Gore Creek? My wife and I would love to get a review as we will be staying at the Cascade next week and were planning on trying it.

We are also planning to go to Kelly Liken, and we would like a third interesting dinner. It need not be formal, so much as interesting. As my wife would day, something more than a plate with protein, a starch and a vegetable. The place that seems most up to our speed is Dish, but we have decided not to get a car. So, we will be stuck at Vail. Any recommendations?

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  1. I've not had a personal review but I know the manager from Dish is now at Atwater. I trust him enough to believe he wouldn't work at a place that is horrid. There is a bus system that would take you to Dish if you care to use that route. I'm not as up on the Vail proper restaurants so I'll leave that rec to someone else although Larkspur gets rave reviews around here.

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      You won't be "stuck" in Vail. There's excellent free/cheap bus service up and down the Vail Valley (see, so don't let that be your only deterrent to trying Dish.

    2. I love Dish - but think there are also some great places in Vail and you wouldn't need to travel that far. To mention a couple - Larkspur (as previously mentioned) is just wonderful. A little more modern than lodgey, but one of those places where every bite is Ummm with me. And a wonderful wine list and service to match. My family also loves Campo De Fiori for Italian. It is rather crazy, bustling and loud, so if it's just the two of you might not be best, but great food and attentive wait staff.
      Others have suggested this before, but we also enjoy Sweet Basil for lunch (instead of dinner).
      Try Dish and Juniper in Edwards next time if you have a vehicle.