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Jan 8, 2009 06:12 PM

Strada Pizzeria and Enoteca ~ Canyon Country ~ Santa Clarita Valley

Today for lunch, after receiving a couple of good recommendations, we went for lunch at this new restaurant in Canyon Country.
From the outside, it looks just like any other pizza place, but once inside it's very welcoming, nicely decorated, nothing too stuffy, just nice and clean.

Now for the food, it was amazing. Everything we tasted was great.
We started with iced tea, and it tasted freshly brewed. We ordered a Minestrone Soup, a trio of Crostini, a Caesar salad, a Stromboli, and a Muffaletta. For dessert we had a Toasted Almond Tiramisu, and an order of Zeppole and I also had an Italian roast coffee made fresh to order using a French coffee press. Everything was very, very good. You can taste the freshness of the ingredients, all prepared to order, and housemade. I liked everything we ordered, but my favorite was the crostini, I loved the combination of the three different toppings for each of the crostini, it reminded me of a trio of bruscheta that Woolfgang Puck's "Vert" Restaurant used to serve, but Strada's was actually better. Oh, and the Tiramisu, definitively one of the best I have tried.
I strongly recommend this place and I am so happy that it's here in SCV, I wish it was close to my part of the city, but for me the drive to CC to eat at this restaurant is more than worth it. There are so many newly open restaurants in SCV, and I think I had try them all already with high hopes, and leaving full of disappointment, but today I left very happy with my experience at Strada Enoteca.
Service was great too, our quite young waitress was very nice and knowledgeable, she promptly offered us a seat, and took our drink orders, brought us bread (which was freshly made too, along with excellent quality olive oil) then our food was delivered promptly, she kept checking on us during our meal.

My hopes is that this establishment stays with us for a long time, and keeps the same great food, and great service. Consistency is the key in my opinion.

26910 Sierra Hwy
Canyon Country, CA 91321
(661) 298-8080

Please see some of the photos that I took today during our lunch:

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  1. Something happened to my photos, here they are again.

    1. I've eaten at this place twice and both times its been great. The food is all made fresh to order

      The bread that is served is very addictive. Fresh baked and served warm cut into strips (its a flatter bread) served very uniquely sticking out of a glass jar. And the olive oil! Man, William was right again, this was high quality and very tasty. I thought it was going to be too much for the person with me and I'd have that delicious bowl to myself, but nope, he liked it too! Will wonders never cease!

      We settled on the Baked Eggplant, Baked Lasagna and Margherita Pizza. The eggplant was 2 thick slices that were grilled (evidently with a little bit of that delicous olive oil on them!!! YAY!) with a delicious tomato sauce, ricotta and mozzarella cheese. Big hit with me. I love eggplant. I used the remaining bread to scoop up the luscious sauce from the bowl.

      Next - lasagna - freshly prepared and delicous. Tasting like something one of my Italian friends' grandmas make. Everything melded together in a delicous, harmonious stack.

      Pizza - a nice thin crunchy crust, not overly heaped with cheese, which was fine with me, but not my dining companion who is a cheese-aholic when it comes to pizza toppings. Fresh leaves of basil were scattered on top. They have a real oven it cooks in, and not a conveyor belt.

      Alas, no room for dessert, we'll have to try it next time. I was told the bread for the panini is from the same dough as the bread served at the beginning of the meal, so already I can't wait.

      I couple things to know before you go. Everything is "small plates" including things listed as entrees. The lasagna and eggplant were served in a squarish bowl about maybe 5 x 5. So if you are starving, know that you will need to order a couple of items. Pizza was somewhere in the range of 10-12 inches in my guesstimation.

      According to their website, they try to use organic when possible (they use Muir Glen tomatoes, our pizza pan was perched atop a large industrial size can on our table which I thought was a cool touch) , so the prices reflect the quality and freshness of ingredients. Eggplant was $8, Pizza I think $10, lasagna $12.

      Went back again for the sausage panini and the meatball pizza. Both were very good. The panini was full ouf a delicious fennel flavored sausage and had nicely sauteed onions and peppers, nice melted cheese and a little bit of garlic aioli all wrapped up in their homemade bread.

      The meatball pizza had slices of their homemade meatballs, which were good. They were broiled, not cooked in sauce, so the outside had a nice crunch, and dollops of ricotta cheese.

      Once again we were too full for dessert. We saw somebody elses Porterhouse steak and it looked phenomenol and very large. I'd have to share it with somebody, but I definitely want to check it out sometime.

      1. I want to share a photo of a great porterhouse steak we had at Strada a few weeks ago, it was their night special, and we are glad we decided to order it.
        We have been back quite a few times after our first visit and had great food over and over again.
        Highly recommended!!

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          Got a shot of what the inside of the steak looked like?

        2. I ate here again today. I think I've been 4 or 5 times now, everything has been terrific. I still haven't tried the steak yet, but I need to!

          Today we had pepperoni pizza and a salad

          Today we tried the chopped antipasto salad. Small pieces of crispy, fresh romaine lettuce mixed with just the right amount of chickpeas, luscious, tasty pieces of salamis, smatterings of olives and the tastiest citrus dressing! Oh, and did I mention the fresh mozarella?? MMMMMMMM. Perched on top was a perfectly roasted wedge of potato that I could have eaten an entire plate of! I could seriously crave this salad, and wish Strada was closer to my work than some of the dismal choices I have. I'd be getting this salad at least once a week!

          The pepperoni pizza was delicious. The piquant pepperoni was perfectly porportioned and played perfectly in proximity to the sauce (Ok, so I couldn't think of any more words starting with P to throw in there)

          For dessert we decided to try the almond tiramisu. It was moist and delicious and the almond flavor was not overpowering. It was nice spin on the traditionally boozy, inedible desserts you find other restaurants try to pass off as tiramisu.

          I've attached pictures of a previous visit with a panini and a meatball pizza