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Jan 8, 2009 06:06 PM

Licorice Ice Cream?

Has anybody made licorice Ice cream at home? I have been unable to find a good recipe, I wanted to make it for a friend who said she had it a lot in Sweden.


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  1. I don't have a personal recipe (if you Google it you'll find a lot of them to compare) but I am of the opinion that if it can be made with either candied licorice and Anise, the Anise version would be better because the flavor would be more evenly distributed with Anise than it would be with candied licorice. But then, it's till a matter of individual taste and dropping some chopped candied licorice along with the Anise might be a good idea.

    1. That sounds wonderful!! I have an ice cream maker and SO LOVES licorice so I think I'm going to try this. Will make a good project!
      Good luck!

      1. http://www.chow.com/recipes/10430
        This was on chow.

        I'm still looking for a recipe that makes it all black or charcoal. Anyone have any ideas?

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          Some food specialty shops (usually those that cater to bakers) carry a black food safe coloring so if you have one of those in your area you might give them a call. I am told that you can make black food coloring by mixing some measured amounts of green and red but I've never tried it. I'd go the specialty store route. Just remember that any coloring added to a recipe will affect it's texture and even it a color appears to be "black" when it's added you may end up with a somewhat purple result.

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            And black food coloring yields black teeth/tongue when you eat it!

        2. I'd use anise oil rather than anise extract. It disperses better in the cream base, and gives a fuller flavor in the finished ice cream.

          1. licorice is different from anise. Ive had licorice gelato at Da Fiore in Venice - didnt much like it - I guess its a fairly common gelato flavor. It wasnt black however, had bits pulverised bitsscattered through and over it, as I recall so there was a white/black contrast. I guess you could try mixing a high quality vanilla icecream with pernod and some pulverised soft licorice for a similar effect..

            Here is one online recipe but it looks the same as the one above