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Jan 8, 2009 05:45 PM

pls. help me find meyer lemons in DF or toluca!

been living in toluca but travel to df frequently and miss meyer lemons so much i just can't bare it any longer. any suggestions on where i can either get a tree of my own or a market to purchase some?

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  1. I've seen them in Costco and other "big" supermarkets.

    1. I've never seen them there. If I remember correctly, they are originally from China. While in DF, look for an Asian person and ask them. Hopefully you peak Spanish and can describe a half sweet lemon. I think they're a cross between a type of orange and a lemon. By the way, just a regular yellow lemon is hard to find in Mexico.

      1. thank you for the replies...i have never seen them in costo, and at this point meyer is not even a factor...just a normal lemon will do.... thx

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          Once in a blue moon I have seen yellow lemons--not Meyer, just regular lemons--at Wal-Mart in the DF and other cities. I don't think this is a blue-moon month, though.

          What we see here in Mexico are *limones* (formally called *limón criollo*, or, in English, key limes) or *limas*, which are citrus fruit unknown, as best I can tell, outside Mexico.

          Is there a reason why a *limón* won't work for you? Just curious.


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            I planted Meyer lemon seeds here in Mazatlán twice, with no success. But I do get excited when I find some kind of yellow lemon in the supermarket, I made some Chinese lemon chicken a couple weeks ago when that happened, and I loved it! I would like to get enough to make some preserved lemons, to use in what is a favorite Moroccan dish. Limes are great most of the time. But, I can't imagine them in Hollandaise sauce, lemon chicken, or tabbouleh. Or hummus. Maybe I haven't really adjusted yet, Dee

        2. Like I mentioned, they don't really even have a word for a lemon. You have to ask for a limon amarillo (yellow lime). I never saw one in Mexico ( at least outside of maybe a bordertown)

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            One stand in the Pátzcuaro mercado had yellow lemons for a short time a few months ago. We bought 4, and they were a delight—yet still, a bit differnt.

          2. Have you wandered about Mercado San Juan? My guess is that if anyone in the city has them it'll be the produce sellers at that market. Also, if you have the time, and desire is strong enough: the Central de Abastos on the east side of town is where all of the produce in the D.F. stops before hitting the market floors - and supermarkets - and you could look/ask there. It's a huge market, so be prepared to be exhausted after walking about. For a foodie, though, it's a wonderful experience.

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            1. re: gomexico

              I wasn't just speculating. They don't cultivate lemons in Mexico. I lived there and never ever saw one. Also, I've asked people there and they didn't ever see one. They don't even have a word for them in common language. Sorry, they especially won't have them at San Juan, since nearly everything there is domestic. Maybe, maybe, but I doubt it, you will find them at the Central de Abastos. While you're there, check out the nearby Nueva Viga--probably the biggest fish market in the world...

              1. re: hankstramm

                I DO live in Mexico--in Morelia, Michoacán--and once in a while we see lemons at the supermarket, but only imported lemons. Yesterday there were some at my local Superama, the high-end store owned by Wal-Mart Mexico, but I didn't think to check the price.

                Hankstramm is right: don't expect to find lemons at all, much less Meyer lemons. There is no such animal grown in Mexico.


                1. re: cristina

                  Yeah, Superama, where I buy my jasmine rice and coconut milk and Bounty paper towels and other stuff you can't get anywhere else. Not a bad store but a little too gringo for me--then again I'm the one buying Bounty towels....