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Hot dogs in Baltimore!

I need help, desperately. I know that at some point in the past week I read about a restaurant specializing in hot dogs in Baltimore, maybe in Towson. I cannot remember the name of it, or exactly where it was, or even where I read about it. Pathetic! I've heard about this Zack's Hot Dogs, but I don't believe that's what I'm thinking of. I feel like the place I read about served breakfast hot dogs with an egg on top.
If anyone knows what I might be thinking of, please advise.
And while we're at it, is Zack's Hot Dogs any good?
Thank you!!!

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  1. You are probably referring to the G&A on Eastern Ave(between Eaton & Fagley) in Highlandtown...

    1. Are you thinking of Polock Johny's? There are still two left, one at Washington and Caton, and one in the Lexington Market.

      1. Sounds like you might be thinking about The Hot Dog Man on Allegheny Avenue in Towson. It's a new place that opened a few months ago. $2.75 for a hot dog that they say is New York Style. Cooked on a griddle to get that skin snap. It's pretty decent for a hot dog but the owners are a bit grouchy and not that forthcoming about their sourcing.

        Meaning that they give you the elusive answer about it being a New York Hot Dog but won't say if it actually comes from a New York Hot Dog maker, like Sabrett - which is my favorite NYC Hot Dog.

        1. Chili Man Weiners just had a little feature in Baltimore Magazine. Maybe that's where you saw it?

          1. not in Towson but I like the hot dogs at Attman's, make sure you get the bologna wrapped around it, the dogs are made specifically for attmans.

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              Probably the best hot dogs Baltimore has to offer. It has the snappy skin, and the bologna wrapped is just a nice touch. Mustard and Onions is the only way to eat it.

            2. I believe you are referring to The Chili Man in Towson on Allegheny Avenue located between Strapazza and Katmandu KItchen.

              1. You guys are the best. It's definitely the Chili Man. My boyfriend, who is hot dog obsessed (and meatball obsessed, too) will be thrilled.
                Thank you!!!!

                1. If you havent, you should deffinently try checking out Chili Man Weiners in 18 Allegheny Avenue in Towson. They just opened up in October. It has a Diner like theme of the 50's and the place is beautiful, with a great atmosphere. They serve foot longs and in my boyfriends opinion, the bread roll on that is much better then a regular hotdog roll. I personally like the "Snappy Dog" that is a all beef dog that it has a snap when you bite it. It is a TRUE snappy dog.
                  Its a must try!! And i am hooked!

                  1. Ate at Chili Man Weiners last week and it does the job. I got the "Double Dare" platter, which meant that 2 hot dogs were served on top of fresh cut and fried potatoes chips, with a sprinkling of cheese and chili over the whole hot mess. The weiners themselves were good; medium spice with a nice snap to the casing when you bit into it. The chili and cheese were pretty much forgettable. But the chips...man the chips were good. Most places tend to over fry and burn house-made chips but these were perfect golden beauties. I don't get hot dog cravings that much but good to know that Chili Man Weiners is around to satisfy it when it does come up.