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Jan 8, 2009 05:09 PM

Limani in Roslyn or Oevo in Great Neck?

Has anybody been yet? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Try Oevo, I think you will really like it. I was predisposed to like the place as the owner is Ciro Verdi, the chef owner of Da Ciro on Lexington between 33and 34, a place I enjoyed countless times when I lived in the area years ago. The place is only open about a month and for now Ciro is in the kitchen as opposed to being a silent partner. The pizza from the wood burning oven is exceptional and he makes some great salads, the one with heart of palm is a favorite. All the pasta is excellent, my daughter ate her pasta bolgnese so quickly I almost didn't get a bite. My wife loved her fish. I have not had enough of the menu to make many suggestions, but you should give it a shot.. The place is huge, has well spaced tables and a good waitstaff. Fellow Chowhound and Newsday food critic Erica Marcus gave it a nice mention a few weeks back Enjoy

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    1. re: stuartlafonda

      I did indeed. A week or so ago I found out that the original general manager, Ciro's nephew Antimo, had left the restaurant and we've heard tell of some sub-par service since then--though this could be unrelated, or exagerated. Stuart, have you noticed any fall-off?

      Limani is a whole different kettle of fish. Where OEVO is homey, Limani is grand. And where OEVO aspires to take its place among LI's most dependable Italian trattorias, Limani is unlike anything else on the Island. It's very expensive, but I loved it:

      1. re: emarcus

        I didn't want to mention the Antimo situation because I don't know the details. I have not been there since his departure so I can't add anything on the service issue.

        1. re: emarcus

          Did the Limani “experience”! Yes Erica, grand is a good word. Somebody put an awful lot of $ into Limani!

          Had an early 6:30 reservation and the restaurant was half full. Tho by the time we left (10:00) it was literally packed… people were still being seated at 9:30. Wonderful service from the gentleman who opens the front door to the gentleman in the suit who almost took me by the hand to the Ladies Room. From the countless wait staff and bus service eyeing every table and re-folding every napkin should you get up from the table (which many people do to eye the fresh fish). The food? Very good…but was not wowed. Had a whole grilled Royal Dorado with sides of fingerling potatoes and haricot vert. Appetizer of thinly sliced fried potatoes, zucchini and cheese with a dipping sauce. All done well, but again, not wowed.

          The downside? Noisy and very much the “scene”. And overpriced. The appetizer was $16.50 which was in the range of the others. Everything is a la carte (but sides are large enough for 2, maybe 3). Royal Dorado and Pompano were the only fish that came in single sized portions and the waiter said they were 1 lb portions. When the bill came the fish was closer to 1 ½ lbs each. One appetizer, two entrees, two coffees and one glass of wine each - the bill came to a little under $200 with tip. IMHO – too much money for what we had, but a beautiful place (but I would not describe as fancy or elegant) and good food. Just not sure I need to go back.

          1. re: pwrube

            I ate at Limani, it was good. Took me forever to find the damn place on northern blvd.
            I liked the atmosphere, and the service was great, lol although everyone seemed to focus on the blond bartender, I was more interested in the male waiters :)

            The food was pricey, but it was food that others are not serving, which keeps me interested.

          2. re: emarcus

            I went to brunch at Limanii Roslyn last Sunday - guess it was there first brunch, but my goodness, for the price of $50, I have never seen so many lobsters and snow crab legs. I generally don't prefer the buffet line, but quickly curbed my comments when I saw the items being offered.

        2. I went to Oevo with my mother and wife tonite and it was awful. I had a steak with oversalted tasteless reduction sauce of fat and bad balsamic, and my wife and mother had a stuffed chicken breast with cheap runny cheese that seemed like someone blew their nose into the mixture. Beside that, the chicken had no taste. In the kitchen someone was literally coughing and hacking the entire time we were there. The waitstaff was slow and clueless, not an Italian in sight. It was mostly the 'early bird special' crowd. On a scale of 10 I give it a 2, just because they showed up.

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          1. re: NYJewboy

            I went there when it was Bardi and it was very average food and catered to an older crowd. After reading NYJewboy's review of Oevo I'll be sure to pass. Same with Limani. I have been to Milos in NYC and I'm sure it's the same price point if it's fish by the pound. I'll stick to Astoria for Greek food, Cavo and Agnanti being my favorites.

            1. re: NYJewboy

              NYJ -- Well I guess we will continue to agree about Difara and Luger's and disagree about every other place, Oevo included. I was there last night and had a wonderful meal. Started with a terrific Ceasar that included anchovy and raw egg, it may not be for everyone but it was the real deal and I loved it. With that we had a small shallow dish of eggplant parm that was excellent but at $12 was too small and expensive. For mains my daughter had a special gnocchi in bolgnese, the gnocchi were lightand the sauce tasted as though it was long simmered. I had another exceptional pizza. Thin and crisp with a bright sauce that I would bet was uncooked crushed tomatoes with some milky white mozz. It had a low crust, good char and a slightly smokey taste from the wood burning oven. We finished with an Italian cheesecake that was eggy and almost flan like, my daughter thought it tasted like her mom's french toast. I did not really enjoy it but my kids gobbled it up. A large cup of capp was to weak. Despite the dip at the end I really enjoyed my meal. As for service, although it was excellent, there were only three tables and seven people in the place so it would be hard to screw up. It was not an inexpensive meal but it was a tasty one. To each his own.

            2. I've eaten in Limani twice. First time was a few days after it opened, second time last week.

              The food is amazing, the service is excellent and the decor is outstanding.

              I highly recommend the salad with heirloom tomatoes - FANTASTIC!
              The langastinos for an appitizer are wonderful. First dinner I had Steak and my wife had lovely Snapper that was grilled and lightly seasoned. Second visit
              we shared a Halibut for 2.

              Going back in a couple of weeks.

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              1. re: Long_Island_Tom

                Tom, it sounds good but my priorities have changed given the state of the economy. I thought I would try Limani for brunch but to charge $50 per person is about double what I would spend. I heard the brunch at Bistro Citron is very good. Anyone try that? To spend $200 for dinner in this economy is ridiculous unless it's a special occasion and even then. If less patrons dined at Limani, Peter Luger's, Il Mulino, etc. they would be forced to lower their prices. I have been to virutally every 5* restaurant in L.I. and NYC and to me it's JUST food. The next day it means nothing and you forget what you had anyway. In my opinion, I think more people on L.I. and Queens who lost their jobs, or 40% of their assets in the market or with Bernie Madoff, are looking to conserve and spend less on dining out.

                1. re: debster

                  I agree about the current economic situation, but I noticed that Il Mulino is offereing a Sunday dinner for $40 for adults and $20 for kids, which just might get me to try it on a special occasion. Maybe more high-end places will come up with similar offers (although I'm pretty confident Lugers never will).

                  1. re: LloydG

                    I haven't been to Mulino but if they are offering a lower priced dinner on Sundays, then obviously it's not packing them in anymore on that night of the week. I'm sure the brunch at Limani's is delish but it's still close to $150 by the time you add on beverages, tax and tips. I used to like the brunch at River Bay. It was about $20 per person and had a large variety of both hot and cold entrees. The steakhouses will always be crowded especially during lunch a la expense account. I work in Manhattan and I'm a few blocks away from the Palm. Del Frisco, Ben Benson, Uncle Jack's and Ruth Chris. I'm sure after 6 PM most nights they are empty.

                    1. re: debster

                      I'm not big on the expensive brunch either. I have young kids and they just load up on sugar, making the rest of my day miserable. I'd rather do dim sum if I had my druthers. I know that has listed a lot of deals from restaurants in the city (I work on 23rd street, so I take note of what's offered), but lately its all been wine discounts. If I do check out Il Mulino I'll post.

                    2. re: LloydG

                      I just ate at Il Mulino last Friday. The food was ordinary at best. the price on the other hand was anything but ordinary. 6 people ran about $800 before tip (and we are not big drinkers). They wont see me again - good or bad economic times.

                      1. re: HowieC

                        It should have been off the charts for that price -- it's JUST food. Being a woman I would much rather buy a handbag or jewelry, at least I have something to show for it the next day. Other than 2 lbs on the scale.

                        On another note my husband and I were planning to go for Valentine's Day to Bistro M in Glen Cove which I heard was very good. But it's $80 per person plus drinks for a 3-course meal. And they only offer a choice of 4 appetizers and 4 entrees. Salmon with a salad and dessert is not worth $80 to me at any restaurant. It's another $200 meal. They raise the prices because it's Feb. 14th. We are going instead to Bistro Citron in Roslyn which has a very nice menu and something different for a change. And no surcharge for the holiday. I used to not think anything about spending $200 at Peter Luger's. My priorities in 2009 have shifted considerably.

                        1. re: HowieC

                          I just moved from Conn. to NY - went to Limani and noticed IL Mulino across the street. I'm familiar with Mulino in Westchester - is it the same?

                          As far as brunch, I went to Limani and was shocked at the low price tag of $49 compared to most brunch meals in Conn at $65. The kids seemed to enjoy it,. You wouldn't believe how many Eggs Benedict and lobsters a growing 16 year old boy can consume.

                          1. re: tiggerejm

                            It's a branch of the now high-end chain, I think this was the first branch (or one of the first) outside of the NYC original.

                  2. At Limani the food and the service were exceptional. Beautiful decor and ambiance. The bar was very nice including the gorgeous male bartender, which completes the look. The prices are a bit expensive but well worth it. Highly recommend it!

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                    1. re: saj22

                      I would love to know if any of you went to Limani on a Saturday night? I have not had such bad service in a high end restaurant in years. Water glasses not being refilled, even when requested, appetizers coming in shifts, servers juggling with plates trying to figure out how to put them on the table. Coffee and tea served after dessert was finished, really just totally awful. There is no excuse for charging the prices they do and having a dining room run like that. We had a 7 pm reservation, which we had made weeks before, and we were seated in the room where the bar was. My husband thought it sounded loud in the other rooms when we entered, so we stayed there, which we really should not have. I am getting more annoyed as I read that others had a good experience and thought the service was great. The food was, but definitely not the ambiance and service.
                      Debster, the economy being what it is, the Roslyn crowd still packs the place on Saturday night. Not sure about the other nights because they also have a price fixed for $39 until 6:30.

                      1. re: robinsilver

                        What did the prixe fixe menu look like? They don't mention it on the website.

                        1. re: jmax

                          I am going to say there were 3 or 4 appetizers, one of them being the stuffed calamari, which we had, (for $18), 3 or 4 entrees, and 2 desserts. Not sure if the portion size is the same, but seeing as my husband and I shared the appetizer, that would be fine. They advertise it in the Long Island section of the Sunday Times, if you want to check the hours.
                          I still can't decide what to do about the poor service. Has anyone ever followed up with a phone call letting the manager know about their dissatisfaction?

                          1. re: robinsilver

                            Robin, I think I will pass on Limani, there are other Greek restaurants we keep on going back to in Astoria. You can get good food at many restauarnts, it's the service that brings us back. Like you, that's why we love Trattoria L'Incontro in Astoria. Last month my hubby went skiing and my girlfriend and I went on a Sat. night. We were the only 2 women dining alone. Our waiter was fab and Rocco brought us hazelnut gelato on the house. Nowhere else do they treat you so well. That's why it's always packed. I have the same experience at West End Cafe -- great food, service, ambience, etc.

                            FYI - There is a new French restaurant in Astoria called Bistro les Minots that sounds ground and we will try soon. They have a price fixed dinner every night untioll 7 PM for $19.95. Also we passed Caffe Barocco on Nassau Blvd in Garden City and stopped by to get a menu. They serve only tapas and European wine by the glass. It's very reasonable and something different to try rather than another pretentious expensive restaurant.

                            1. re: debster

                              Thank you debster! You say there are other Greek restaurants in Astoria and quickly mention the Italian Trattoria L'Incontro. Although it has many drawbacks, it is LEAGUES beyond anything Astoria Greek offers. And you don't need to be on the search for that "one perfectly grilled fish", which means nothing and has little to do with Greek cuisine.
                              For what it's worth, avoid at all cost ETHOS in Great Neck! Unless you go for the cheesey live entertainment, the food is abysmal.

                              1. re: Gastronomos

                                I love L'Inctontro for Northern Italina cuisine, not Greek of course. For Greek we go to Mezzo Mezzo and Agnanti. Ethos is not the place to go on a Saturday night, the service is lousy and they always get your order wrong. The food is just average. We will try Trata in Roslyn but not on a Sat night either, the branch on the Upper East Side in Manhattan is very good. I will try Limani for brunch one weekend -- maybe.

                                1. re: debster

                                  Brunch at Limani is totally different than eating there at any other time. The emphasis is on quantity and variety and not on quality. It's a way for them to fill the seats on a Sunday afternoon.

                                  Limani is very expensive, but if you are serious about extremely fresh fish simply and expertly prepared, I think it is worth the money. Don't waste money on brunch there.

                                  1043 Northern Boulevard, Roslyn, NY 11576

                                  1. re: EZ Pass

                                    You didn't win me over with your review, I can get fish at any restaurant so I think I will pass.

                            2. re: robinsilver

                              What we always do (only if we plan to return because we love the food) is to leave a very small tip and tell the manager why. If you are not going back then just leave a small tip and say nothing. A 20% tip is for great service only.

                              1. re: debster

                                Debster, for now we are taking a break from L'Incontro because I started to feel that I can recite the specials, although we have never had a bad meal there. Let me know about Bistro les Minot because Astoria is a good place to meet our friends who live in New City.

                                1. re: robinsilver

                                  I hear you, we don't go to L'Incontro more than 4 times per year and I always look forward to it because we don't go that often. Have you been to Cavo in Astoria? It's a little pricey but a gorgeous restaurant and great to go in the summer when you can dine in their outdoor garden. Aegean Cove in Astoria was very good, also Philoxenia. I will post my review of the new French restaurant In Astoria in May when we eat there.

                                  1. re: debster

                                    Cavo in Astoria for the amazing, yes, amazing service alone.

                      2. The original comment has been removed