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Jan 8, 2009 04:25 PM

Creative wine bars?

Do you know of any creative wine bars or restaurants that serve wine in unusual ways? For example, instead of a wine glass, using a teacup, glass, or mason jar?


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  1. I think wino might be right up your alley. I have to confess I haven't made it there personally but have received some rave reviews. I think the way it works is you get a card which you can use to buy tastes, half glasses, or full glasses. The computerized system certainly qualifies as unusual - although i think it ends up in a regular glass at the end of the day.

    1. Is this for real? I fail to see how serving wine in a tea cup would do anything but make one's experience with that wine worse. What is next? Serving tea in a wine goblet?

      If you are looking for interesting wines (and beers and liquor) served in a casual setting by knowledgeable, yet unfussy service, I would recommend Clever in the American Can Company.

      1. I am normally appalled at the glassware used to serve some good wines in NOLA (and much of the Deep South), and include my observations in most reviews. Because of the “Libby” glasses, we now travel with our Riedels and bring them to restaurants. I’m sorry, but I am such a wine-snob, that I cannot imagine drinking wine from anything but a nice, appropriate glass. I’m sorry, but I cannot personally find the charm of doing otherwise. I will be of no help. Maybe bring your own coconut shells and ask to be served in those?


        1. Bacchanal is a wine place that attracts creative people... it would be socially acceptable there to pour the wine you buy into a mason jar.... go on Sunday evening for the chef nights- you can get upscale food on a paper plate- so the mason jars for wine would work with it... seriously the wine and food (depending on the guest chef) is always good