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Jan 8, 2009 04:10 PM

Vietnamese in Orlando

I was in orlando a few days ago and as we were following our friends who were taking a roundabout way to avoid traffic, we realized that we were passing several Vietnamese and oriental restaurants and stores.

My husband has a meeting in Orlando in a few months so we will be there for a week and we HATE CHAINS and the whole tourist eating scene. We much prefer ethnic restaurants, so we are hoping to get some feedback so we have some interesting places to eat

Of course we are open to any other ethnic restaurants you might suggest. Keep in Mind that we are coming from Miami so Carribbean, Central American and South American restuarants are places we eat all the time

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  1. Around the intersection of Mills Ave (Hwy 17-92) and Colonial Dr. (HWY 50) near downtown Orlando are a plethora of Vietnamese places. I think all of them are great, but I usually prefer Vinh's because they make a sour duck salad that rocks my socks off. To really get a the best of this cool area, I'd suggest two meals here:

    1. Lunch at Ba Le. Get a Banh Mi (a hoagie with meat and delicious pickled veg) and some pastries. They've got tons of great stuff, I always leave wishing I could eat more.

    2. Dinner at Vinh's (or Lac Viet, Little Saigon, or one of the others) Make your way through as many courses as you can handle, as there is all kinds of good stuff on the menus at any of these places.

    1. I agree with JayDubya.

      Orlando has a great mix of Asian restaurants in the downtown area -- Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, and Korean. Lac Viet is one of my current favorite -- a great balance of authentic cuisine, good atmosphere and reasonable prices.

      I created a Google Map of some of my favorites. Enjoy and have fun.

      1. Sarah, I'm Vietnamese and Orlando has great Vietnamese food. We go to Pho 88 for the beef or chicken rice noodle soup (pho). I haven't found another place that has better beef soup outside of California. For everything else Vietnamese, we go to Vinh's. Their grilled pork spring roll appetizers are to die for.

        If you like dim sum, go to Ming's Bistro in the same area. If you like ordering from the push carts, come during the weekends. This is as authentic as they get and the food is fantastic.

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          thanks so much, Pho 88 was actually the restaurant I wrote down, because as we drove by it was crowded and it looked great. Thanks for the Dim Sum Rec, I am looking forward to some meals in orlando that are not chain related!