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Jan 8, 2009 03:28 PM

Questions re: Raku, Alize (Las Vegas)

Our next trip to Vegas is next week. We have finally managed to schedule all three of our dinners at restaurants that we've never been to before. First night is Raku, second night is Alize, third night is Restaurant Charlie (we've been to Bar Charlie though).

Any recommendations on what to order at Raku? That night there will be three of us so we can try more dishes than we could if it were just me and my husband.

And this is kind of stupid, because I usually don't ask, but how dressy is Alize? For instance, I am totally comfortable wearing nice jeans with good shoes and a nice jacket to places like Craftsteak, N9NE, Mesa Grill, Rosemary's, B&B, etc. ad infinitum, but I would dress up a little more at Fleur de Lys, Aureole, Picasso, Alex (especially in the summer when it's so easy to wear nice skirts). Also, since I'm the wife, I have to tell my husband whether jeans are ok or if he will need dress pants. Where does Alize fall in the spectrum?

BTW there is a 50% off special running now on and today I picked up $25 gift certificates for Enoteca San Marco, Border Grill and Rosemary's for $5 each. As always, check the limitations for each specific restaurant.

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  1. I view Alize as a bit more dressy; I'd say its more like Aureole. I'd probably wear black pants or a skirt rather than's kind of an "adult" place if that makes sense (and a bit surprising given its location at the Palms). I enjoyed it a lot and thought the food was great, and the service terrific. I'll be very interested to hear about Raku, which we have been meaning to try....

    1. Been to Raku once and was blown away. Had too many dishes to remember everything. But, I recommend the potato stuffed corn, chicken stuffed portabella, pork cheek, smoked duck, tempura asparagus and any of the kobe skewers. They also have a chalkboard of daily specials (salmon belly was fantastic). Didn't try any of the noodle dishes, but the foie gras bowl looked good.

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        It is!! Get the foie gras with rice noodles in a rich broth, the housemade tofu layered amongst tomato and crispy baby conger eels, ditto on the salmon belly, any of the skewered items, hamachi collar, etc. The menu is large, but the dishes are small and affordable... so order away! The tea they serve is super toasty and rich, as is the soy condiment on the table with a togorashi-style spice option via shaker.