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Jan 8, 2009 02:24 PM

Leslie/Finch plaza asian restos - which are good?

There seem to be about 4 asian places in the plaza on the NE corner of Leslie & Finch - Rice Paper, Asian Legend and others I can't recall - any opinions of any of them?

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  1. There is also Paradise, 100% Korean and Hot Spicy Spicy. My friends and I have been to the first two places in a while. None of the places are amazing but we usually go to Hot Spicy x2. They are a northern style szcheuan resto that isn't as spicy as other places but they do taste authentic. The noodle soups are a good size for a decent price. They have the typical norther dishes like big meat / fish pots that are soaking in the pepper oil / sauce. This is our default spot went we don't to travel far since a friend live close by.

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      The soups at 100% korean are ok, but the beef is brutal (was over processed).

      Paradise is somewhat upscale (almost fusion like) chinese, only had dim sum there and was disappointed.

      Rice Paper is your standard vietnamese/thai stuff, nothing too exciting.

      Asian Legend is Asian Legend, no better than any other of their locations. Some people love them, others (including myself) could care less.

      Congee Wong has big servings of congee, stir fried noodles, etc. They their pan fried taro cakes or deep fried squid which are nice.

      I think there's a HK cafe style resto across from the market too, but never tried it.

      There's another resto (?Ming Lau) 1-2 shops west of Congee Wong.. had it for lunch twice, nothing good to write about.

      If you want real chinese food cooked well, go down the street on Finch, between Leslie and Bayview and try Sun Star (same mall as Maxims).

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        I recently had dim sum at Grass Mountain Villa, enjoyed it very much, but would enjoy trying some others? Sun Star? Dim Sum?

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          There's little question in my mind that the nearby Sun Star, as Royaljelly suggests, is considerably above all the restos in the Leslie/Finch Plaza in quality, interesting menu choices and consistency. But at the plaza, if you insist on dining there, Congee Wong's congee is tasty, filling and inexpensive, and Asian Legend is well-run, clean and - if you know what to order (mostly the appetizers) - remarkably good for a small, medium-priced chain. Hot Spicy Spicy, I find, is hit and miss, with many dishes too oily for my taste. Based on what I've heard from friends about the other restos in the plaza, I've decided to avoid them.

          1. re: juno

            The Congee Wong there is pretty good - cheap and massive portions. I went at like 3 pm and it was still pretty hopping for lunch. There is an authentic HK-style bakery in the plaza too.

          2. re: Royaljelly

            I disagree on Paradise for dim sum. It is above average; similar in price and atmosphere to say Dynasty at Bay/Bloor.

            Leslie Cafe is the name of the HK cafe resto; it is so-so, Ming's Noodle at Kennedy and Steeles is much better (sorry I have limited knowledge of uptown so that's really my only other reference point).

            I find Congee Wong very consistent, pretty decent.

            Rice Paper is pretty mediocre, but at least you can always get a seat without waiting.

            1. re: Royaljelly

              Hello Royaljelly!! New Year greeting!
              Guess this is going to be our first disagreement! Oops! Anyways, my opinion on Ming Lau is kind of different from yours! I've been there a few times for dinner and each time was pretty satisfied with the food. I found their 'Chiu Chow' dishes to be one of the best in town. Particularly the 'Stirred fry chicken nuggets with Szechuen peppercorns' and their 'Chiu Chow herbed marinated duck'. Was your wife there to do the ordering?

              1. re: Charles Yu

                Hey Charles, happy new year too (and soon happy chinese new year). I probably shouldn't put down a resto based on 1-2 poor lunches. It was a loooong time ago when we went there for their cheap lunches. I think I had the hoi nan chicken and my wife had some rice dish (I was able to order my own dish for a change, haha), both of which were rather plain. We certainly didn't try any of their chiu chow dishes, but will venture a try one night there (so close to home now).

                I nearly made the same mistake when we first went to Sun Star nearby. Our friend kept harping about how good it was, but every time we ate their lunch special dishes we found it was atrocious (especially eating with the restaurant 1/4 filled w/ chinese construction workers made us wonder about their quality). But good thing we went back to try their dinners, which was quite an eye opener.