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Jan 8, 2009 01:57 PM

Driving From Brooklyn to Plainfield, NH (Home Hill Inn)

Hi, all. My partner and I are driving from Brooklyn to Plainfield, NH to stay at the Home Hill Inn. I'd love some help planning our meals.

Are there any restaurants that we should stop at on the way there or back? I know this is a broad question, but for those who have traveled around New England, I'd love to benefit from your finds.

What are the good restaurants in the vicinity (45 minutes) of the Home Hill Inn? For lunch or dinner?

Any bakeries or good places for snacks, cheese, etc.?

Thanks as always for your help.


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  1. You have to go to LA Burdick's in Walpole with a brasserie menu avec local touches and some of the best chocolate and desserts this side of heaven.

    Slightly further away is Simon Pearce in QuecheeLake, VT:

    There are supposed to be other great places in Hanover and Norwich VT, too, but the only one I am familiar with is the Hanover Inn.

    1. Hi Lynne,

      I'd like to recommend Silver Moon Creperie in Dover, NH. It's a sweet little cozy place and the crepes are wonderful. Plus good coffee and mulled cider, good conversation with the owners Chris and wife, Theresa. Many of the selections have a New England twist. My personal recommendation is the maple walnut crepe.


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        Dover is near the the Seacoast. It is a 108 mile / 2 hour drive from Plainfield to Dover, according to Google maps.

        1. re: PutneySwope

          You know, you're absolutely correct on the geography, but I'm still going to have to agree with Rachel that the Silver Moon is still worth the trip . . .

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            Sounds like an excellent recommendation but for another trip!

      2. Norwich Vermont has the Norwich Inn and Carpenter and Main for choices.
        In Hanover besides the Inn there is The Canoe Club which has 24 beers on
        tap and live music. There is Yama which is a newly opened Korean place.
        Carpaccio is an Italian restaurant. Being a college town there are several
        pizza and sub type places. These are just a few of the restaurants in town
        depending what you are looking for or how much you would like to spend.

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          I second Burdick's and Simon Pearce. In Hanover the only places I recommend are Yama, (lunch or dinner) whose sister restaurant had long been a shining star in Lebanon, and Umplby's. (breakfast or lunch) In Norwich there is Allechante, a fantastic bakery, deli, caterer with great cheese selections. I would love to hear your review of Home Hill Inn's restaurant.

        2. Thanks all for the recommendations. We're going to go to Simon Pearce, Inn at Weathersfield (the recs on other parts of the board are strong), and Umplby's. At least that's the plan -- I will report back after the trip!

          1. A brief trip report:

            Inn at Weathersfield for dinner: It was delicious and the staff was very friendly. We ate in the dining room. I had the special -- it was a veal dish with a sunny side egg on top. It was so incredibly tasty. My partner had the beef two ways, which he really enjoyed but found the portion too small (he is a big eater). The true star of the evening was a South American dish -- I think it was a take on a quesadilla or something similar (I apologize, my memory is failing me) that had such interesting ingredients. My salad wasn't special but good. Overall, I felt this was delicious and sophisticated food in a very warm setting. I highly recommend.

            Simon Pearce for lunch: This lived up to the hype. The setting (winter time) was beautiful, the food delicious, and the experience memorable. I had the grilled salmon, which was oh so buttery (the fish and the sauce) and well seasoned. My partner had the cheddar cheese soup (how can you go wrong -- they didn't) and the Orecchiette, which was very tasty. We were both very pleased.

            Home Hill Inn for breakfast: We had the continental breakfast that comes with our nights at the inn. It was simple -- pastries, local yogurt, cut up fruit, and quiche -- but very satisfying. The pastries in particular were excellent.

            Home Hill Inn for dinner: This was disappointing but hopefully it's because it was a holiday meal. We learned from our waitress that they had 150 people scheduled for dinner and usually only do less than fifty. We had to wait an hour to be seated, which was ok for us because we could go up to our beautiful room and sit by the fire. I'm sorry to say that the food just wasn't that good. It was a set (and pricey) menu. I started with Oysters Rockefeller which were pretty tasteless. My duck main was the (partial) standout: it had a duck confit pastry that was very good -- flaky crust and flavorful duck -- but the sliced duck was tough (at least it was to me, as there were no more steak knives in the busy dining room) and did not have any memorable flavor. My partner's risotto was good and his filet mignon was fine. The desserts, however, were inedible. Our time at the Home Hill Inn was wonderful -- I wouldn't recommend the kitchen for dinner on a busy night.

            Lunch at Umplby's -- we needed a place in Hanover and this was a good pick for sandwiches. It was very crowded and perfect for a quick and very casual bite.

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              This is a delayed response, but it sounds like you had a great time in the upper valley!
              You definitely chose some upstanding restaurants...and yes, Simon Pearce's cheddar soup is TO DIE FOR!

              I had looked at Home Hill's Valentine's Day menu and I thought it sounded delicious, it's disappointing they didn't meet your expectations for such a great place. You said the desserts were inedible, which ones did you and your partner have?

              I feel that dessert should always let you leave the dinner on a high note and I'm wondering what went wrong with theirs, considering their reputation.

              The fact that they did such a large amount of people when they aren't used to it certainly
              affected the quality, I hope they learned their lesson!

              Anyways, as a native Upper Valley-an I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves! That red velvet cake sounded so good!