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Crab Pot in SEA worth going?

I've read some blogs about the Crab Pot in Seattle where you order their "feast" and the food is dumped onto your table. Is it worth the drive from Vancouver BC? How's the food other than "fun"?

Thanks CHs!

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  1. It's kinda fun and it's not terrible (considering how much of a tourist trap vibe it has), but I definitely wouldn't go out of my way for it...

      1. I was actually wondering the same thing. I hear so many different things about it,but if anything it does sound fun

        1. Worth the drive from Vancouver BC? Heck, no!

          If you just happen do be in the area, too tired to walk any further and want to give it a try... Sure give it a shot.

          I've gone a few times taking out of town relatives. It's touristy and different.

          1. It's not worth the drive from anywhere in Seattle

            1. DEFINITELY not worth driving from Vancouver. It's different, but the food is just mediocre - some of it is undercooked, some of it's overcooked...just not that great. Good concept, though.

              1. This time of year, no. The food is cold long before you eat a fraction of it.

                I don't love or hate the Crab Pot. It has a certain pull since I took my grandma there on one of the last times I saw her. I probably go more often than it deserves. It's like an old time clambake. Toss a bunch of seafood, potatoes and corn in a pot, boil it up and go wild. Any meal that comes with a wooden mallet seems cool.

                But it is drafty in there and in the winter months you will be eating cold, average seafood.

                1. I used to work 1.5 blocks away and you couldn't pay me to eat there again.

                  1. I don't know but I enjoyed it I have gone there several times. I don't live on the coast so I like it because of the amount and variaty of food for the price. But when I go there it is because I am visiting my son. I don't know that I would drive there just for it. It takes me 7 hours to get there from here and I would not do it just for dinner

                    1. Thanks for the replies everyone. I think I'll drop in if I'm ever in the area or driving through. It does look like a fun experience but from some of the reviews, overcooked and undercooked seafood isn't very appealing. Maybe this weekend I'll do my own crab pot at home ! =)

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                        It's not just overcooked or undercooked. It borders on being old.

                      2. It's very gimmicky....I don't remember the food being very good (but I've only been there once). IMO, not worth the drive from Vancouver.

                        1. Let me just say the only wholehearted recommendation I've ever heard for the Crab Pot was from the zany driver/tourguide of Seattle's 'Ride the Ducks' vehicle who was wearing a duck hat, blowing on a quacker, and dancing to Kool & the Gang's 'Celebrate'.

                          Went with friends once a while back. Wearing bibs and whacking things with wooden mallets is fun... for a bit... but then there is the cold seafood of questionable texture and unfresh shrimp with totally limp shells that REALLY needed to be deveined, but was not.

                          Could be good for kids or people whose food taste sophistication does not extend beyond mass chain restaurants! As many others have said, TOTALLY not worth the drive from Vancouver BC.