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Jan 8, 2009 01:08 PM

Best of the local, near the Hilton Airport?

We are traveling to New Orleans for a conference weekend in Jan. Our only free time is really for lunch on Friday. Can anyone reccommend something near the hotel (Hilton Airport) or airport with local flair and flavors??

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    the above thread addresses a similar question. call first to see who is open for lunch though.

    I think Le Parvenu may be doing Friday lunch.

    here is a comprehensive list of Kenner restaurants:

    to the west of the airport on Airline Hwy is VooDoo BBQ. here's the menu:
    they do have some local items on their menu.

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      from the NOMenu link, a couple suggestions

      Looking for a seafood fix, Johnny Trauth's Seafood Bistro will fill that bill

      Young's Garden has great chinese

      Fiesta Latina is awesome and reasonable - they serve Mexican and Honduran traditional dishes and they are also open for breakfast, and walking distance from the Hilton. Also Taqueria Sanchez is good, not as big of a menu as Fiesta Latina - their tres leche cake is to die for.

      Ristorante Da Piero is good

      Brick Oven Cafe is good, Italian and decent pizzas

      Messina's only does catering, the restaurant is closed

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        Thanks for the link. When I read the post, I though, "heck, the server lost a bunch of replies."

        Deja Vu, all over again...