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Jan 8, 2009 12:39 PM

Best Seattle Sushi?

I am moving to Seattle (from Miami) and was hoping to get locals' views on where to get the absolutely best sushi.

Its not so much a question of traditional vs inventive just the place with the freshest fish and wide variety of rolls.

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  1. I think if you do a search on this board for sushi, you will find many recommendations

      1. I really enjoy Kisaku.

        Kisaku Sushi Restaurant
        2101 N 55th St Ste 100, Seattle, WA 98103

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        1. re: not the bad Steve

          I have not tried all of the "top 4" mentioned elsewhere, but I love Kisaku. Everything I've had has been excellent. My wife and I regularly make the drive from Bellevue to dine at Kisaku.

          1. re: Jim Geldmacher

            Hey, Geldmacher, good to hear from you. We met at a mid-90s Halloween party at your place not far from Kisaku while a certain Mr. Faber was in town.


            1. re: not the bad Steve

              Heya Steve,

              I'm hoping to talk Mr. Faber into coming up to Seattle in July. Perhaps a Kisaku trip would be in order.


        2. I've scoured the Miami area for sushi just several months ago. I think that, truthfully, any dive here would be better than most places in southern Florida. (That's not to disparage your hometown, but it's just that we can get much better fish due to geography).

          I second the recs for Kisaku and Nishino. Izumi in Kirkland or Sushi Zen in Mill Creek if over on the eastside.

          1. Mashiko in West Seattle. Ask for the omakase menu.

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              1. re: adeptation

                Meh. I've gone several times (it's close to home) and never been that impressed. I'll make the drive to Shiro or -- particularly -- Nishino.