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Jan 8, 2009 12:25 PM

Sunday Brunch at the Palliser - calgary

anyone been lately? is it still good? and does anyone know how much it is?

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  1. Went last month. Thought it was pretty good. Has less of a selection than the Banff Springs Buffet. Loved their dessert table! They had a passion fruit creme brulee that was very tasty. (I'm not generally a fan of creme brulee) Unfortunately can't help with the price as I was treated to brunch.

    1. I was there a couple of months ago and wasn't very impressed. The eggs benny were kind of cold and dry as they had been sitting out for too long. The fruit and dessert selection were decent. The only thing I really enjoyed were the Belgian waffles.

      1. We went in December. Agreed, not the same selection as the Banff Springs, and maybe the quality is a tad (just a tad) not as good. However, if I kept telling myself to not compare, it's very good. We've done a lot of buffets in Calgary due to the size/age difference in our family and it's probably one of the, if not the best buffet in town.

        The prime rib was excellent and the desserts were pretty impressive. The eggs benny were tired by the time we got to the buffet, though. We spoke to our server and we received fresh ones from the kitchen, plus they replaced the tray on the buffet line quite quickly. Service was excellent.

        I can't remember off hand what the price was, I think it was maybe $35.00 pp, seniors get a discount.

        As I've mentioned in other threads, they will take a credit card no., and it will be charged if you are a no-show or if you cancel less than 48 hours.

        1. is this brunch really worth $60???