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Jan 8, 2009 12:10 PM

Preg lady seeks seafood restaurant recs

I'm 9 months pregnant and I have a craving for some great seafood when we go out for dinner with friends this Saturday night. Given that this will be my last dinner out for the forseeable future (due on Sunday), any recommendations? Aquagrill (my favorite) is booked.


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  1. for fish, i'm partial to mediterranean restaurants. pylos may be a good bet. ethos has attractive fresh fish, but the space in murray hill is quite cramped-i know there's a sister location now in midtown east, but i've not yet been.

    1. Pampano has wonderful food, with a Mexican spin on seafood. Congratulations.

      1. Greek restaurants are known for their way with fish and seafood. Our current favorite, Kellari's Parea, does an extraordinarily fine job in that department. The kitchen is especially adept at grilling fresh whole fish, and you can choose the wide pristine assortment displayed on ice. Or you can pick a prepared fish or seafood dish from the menu.

        If you want to go upscale (and can snag a reservation), there's Le Bernardin. While I'm not a fan, there are, of course, many who rave about it.

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            Much love for Tides, but it's a teeny little place and might not be comfortable for a lady with a passenger.

          2. I agree that Greek food like Avra or Ethos would be good. I have had amazing dinners at BLT Fish and would highly suggest it.

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              Thank you for the feedback. I think we are going to hit Ethos tomorrow night.

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                make sure to ask for yannis, the owner of ethos, if you go. he will take care of you. enjoy and give us feedback after your meal. congratulations!