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Jan 8, 2009 11:54 AM

Mazzeo's to move to former Aster's site

Just heard that Mazzeo's plans to move into the old Aster's building! Yay! Finally they will have a space and location worthy of their food!

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  1. I went to Mazzeo's for a wine dinner many years ago and my brother worked there after high school. I must admit that I don't frequent it much due to the location. I am very pleased to hear of this move and look forward to eating there. They ARE a little secret for "hounds".

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    1. re: Lenox637

      Lenox: Have only been to Mazzeo's once, with a fairly large group, and found my eggplant parmesan rather bland. What am I missing?

      1. re: mjoyous

        the wine dinner I went to had each dish paired with an Italian wine. We had about 7 different dishes including a cheese plate at the end. It was bout 5 years ago, i remember a flawlessly cooked scallop dish, carpaccio with black truffle oil and a veal scallopini that was probably the best executed scallopini that I have had in quite a while. It may not be the BEST Italian in the area, but I must say that Mazzeo's,IMO,is expert in the tradition of cooking simply with fresh ingredients.

        1. re: mjoyous

          I agree with mjoyous. I had a similar experience the one time I dined there. It was very average. Pasta was overcooked, sauces were bland. Nothing was terrible but nothing was outstanding either.