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Jan 8, 2009 11:36 AM

Huddy's Bar & Grill - Hooper Ave -Toms River

Drove by the other night and it is closed. Anyone know what happened? Maybe just another one to bite the dust in this economy.

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  1. Across from the Ocean County Mall? Really? I remember when it used to be the Ground Round.

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    1. re: BeerWeezil

      The place was a pop corn and beer joint that catered to the professionial drinking crowd..The food was at best awful ..May Huddy'''s R.I.P..I hope they put a first class eatery in it's place ,god knows we need one in Ocean County !!!

      1. re: big1515

        I just drove by tonight....there are big garbage rolloff dumsters out front and workers were loading sign of what is coming there next so far.

        1. re: Tapas52

          The People who own Tiffanyys In TR Bought it and is turning into a higher end
          Italian Restaurant a Carmines from what I heard....not a good concept for that location in my opinion.

          1. re: chefabg1

            especialy with Olive Garden,Fridays, Red Lobster, Friendlys, right across from that location.

            I also heard a rumor another Bobby Flay Burger Palace was going in there across from the mall

            1. re: chefabg1

              Which Carmine's? The red and white family-style fiasco in Atlantic City et al or the "eh" Carmine's of Asbury Park?

              No chance of that burger joint, either, not in Ocean County, not with the clientele to be polite.

              1. re: chefabg1

                Do we really need another Italian place In TR..Is there room for a excelent fine dinning restaurant in TR.!!! We all know Ocean County is a wasteland for good up scale places .. Why ? !!..Does not the demographics support such a place ? It seems that only the chain Restaurants survive ? I know many people in Ocean county seek out good eats are we in the minorty ? How can we change this .?

                1. re: big1515

                  Toms River is the chicken parm capital of the world and Tiffanys wants to cash in. Somebody should stop the powers to be from allowing this(2 days after they are cutting the ribbon at the new god awful Bostons). We are allowing our independents to go down in flames.

                  1. re: ocdiner

                    While I too am against corporate franchises coming in, I suggest we not jump to conclusions and wait and see what they decide to put in the space. I am at last happy that in this depressed economy, someone has decided to invest in our community by opening a new restaurant. I say we at least give them a chance. After they open if the food, service, and decor is not up to snuff then we can rightly criticize. Until then let's just sit back, relax and see what happens.

                    1. re: bgut1

                      I like and normally agree with your assessments ,but we as the consumer must be more proactive especially in Ocean County . I know it is dificult but we (somehow) have to find a way to heard .To just let the eatery happen ,visit it ,criticize and not return is not the answer ??

                      1. re: big1515

                        I heard a Carmine's is going there also. Hope it doesn't happen, but that's a big building and a prime location for a place like that. I think there's enough people for enjoy great restaurants in the Toms River area, but it's a problem with the mentality. Everyone is content to go to New York, Philadelphia, or even the Red Bank area for a nice restaurant. It seems that a restaurant in Toms River already has a tag of being sub-par. It's a shame really.

                        1. re: gustavnj

                          thanks for info ,but how can we ,that like and know good food get some class in Ocean County . I can count on one hand ,maybe 3 fingers ,how many fine dinning places exist in the area . I don't think any place worth it's salt ever failed in Ocean County ..can you

        2. People move to Ocean County for low taxes and lower cost of housing all at a loss of certain amenities. The lower demographics don't appeal to the support of a lot of the businesses that you want. Face facts. You're not in Hoboken, Paramus, Brooklyn or Staten Island.
          You want to be a food snob stay in NYC.

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          1. re: fatnut

            um, Staten Island? if i ever saw a culinary wasteland, Staten Island is it. 95% of the restaurants are mediocre red sauce italian places, with some good pizza shops thrown in. to even see it listed with Hoboken and Brooklyn makes my skin crawl.

            1. re: fatnut

              Certainly NYC is going to have more to offer a food snob than Ocean County, but comparing a place to New York is pretty unfair. I don't know if I understand the "lower demographics" comment, but if you're trying to imply that Ocean County can't support nice restaurants because of it's citizen's income, I think you're mistaken. There are some nice restaurants here: Bistro 44, Atlantic Bar and Grill, Basil T's, and Villa Vittoria come to mind. I just wish there was more of them.

              1. re: gustavnj

                We agree again ,but I disagree with fatnut ..I not a ''food snob'' and stay away NYC a @ all cost .There is money to support any thing that is worth its salt in Ocean County..To prove this , try to get in the Atlantic grill in season. I am very suprised that a place like Ruths Chris does not appear @our venue. I see you mentioned Basil Ts ,kind of surprised ,have they upgraded thier fare ?

                1. re: big1515

                  We have some of the most powerful and wealthy people in the state living in Ocean County ..I know trust me If you build it they will come ..we just need new and exciting places..another Italian concept is just not going to do it...great Quailty
                  of food,great value(nice portion) great looking place, and great service = A killer
                  Ocean County resto...Thats my Wish List.

                  1. re: chefabg1

                    We agree ,but how do we get what we wish for .If Asbury Park can do it I am sure Ocean County can do a better job .

                  2. re: big1515

                    Basil T's hasn't really upgraded, at least not in the past two years, but I like the restaurant. I wouldn't call it dine dining, but you can get a very good meal and a nice glass of wine (or their home-made beer, which is great). They're not on the level of Atlantic Bar and Grill, for instance, but it's definitely a place I enjoy my meal at. Last time I went in the fall I had the grilled Pork Chop with Caramelized Figs. Very tasty.

                    1. re: gustavnj

                      I found out last night after eating at Tiffany's, that the owners of Tiffany's are opening a restaurant at this location. Not sure exactly what type of food or if it will be called Tiffany's also. Will update as the info comes to me.

                          1. re: tuxedo

                            Tiffanys is almost done it looks like on hooper ave .......anyone know when the grand opening is?