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Jan 8, 2009 11:05 AM

Lunch on Las Olas

We will be entertaining a friend this month and would like recommendations for lunch on Las Olas Blvd in Ft Lauderdale. If you have specific info re cuisnes, costs please include that too. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I recently had lunch at Smith and Jones at 1313 Las Olas (I think)--good classic fare at fair prices-I think burgers were in the $9 range...housemade potato slaw...Great organic "flat breads" (aka pizza)..Great glass of wine (Gnarly Root Zin)...I can recommend the strawberry shortcake "cupcake"....and the chocolate layer cake with malted milk, too.

    1. Wild East is pretty good. It's another take on Chinese food (along the line similar to P.F. Changs but better)

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        I had mediocre meals at both Smith & Jones and Wild East. For lunch, I'd recommend YOLO - great grilled fish and steak, good seared tuna salad. Timpano is pretty good if you're looking for an Italian chop house, and Big City always does a good lunch. All of these are mid-ranged in pricing.

      2. johnny v's is not too expensive for lunch, as long as it is not on a sunday when they open at 5:00, i am not sure about saturday. you can sit outside, eat and people watch. i seem to recall that the lunches were about $10-11 range.

        1. Hi there, I live just off Las Olas and have dined at almost all the places along there. reading between your lines, I think you will want something along the lines Cafe la Bonne Crepe, (excellent creperie in a small, unassuming place), Johnny V's, (I find sticking to their appetizer section of the menu to be the real winner at this place, along with their fantastic cheese offerings that are not, unfortunately offered at lunch), Wild East, Morton's ( of Chicago fame, newly opened, and an instant winner), or perhaps Mancini's, a good Italian bistro. If you want to stay casual, I recommend Mangos, (great patio and better casual fare), and Noodles Panini. I don't recommend Big City Grill, they have really started dropping the ball in recent years, and you would do much better at the last two I mentioned, especially as you are entertaining.