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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee?

Anyone know where I could purchase Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee in the GTA? I'm hooked and made the mistake of bringing back just 1 lb. from a trip to Jamaica. I'd also prefer to buy it from a bricks-and-mortar store, as I'm a little leery of making purchases online. Thanks!

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  1. Pusateri's at $399/lb. You can also get your hands on Kopi Luwak if you wish.

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        That doesn't mean they don't sell it. I rarely go on their site other than to find out store hours. I'm there every week and they have (had?) a sign on their front and exit doors for JBM for over a year. Next time I'm there I'll check if its' gone.

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          I can confirm that Pusateri's (Ave location) does continue to sell JBM coffee. 39.99 for approximately 220g.

    1. Check out House of Spice on Kensington Market. They've got an enviable selection of coffee. If not there, then Salamanca Dry Goods on Baldwin might have it or a reasonable approximation.

      Damn. Now I want a coffee...

      1. you might try Everyday Gourmet Coffee downstairs at SLM, fresh roasted beans and you can ask them about the provenance


        1. Two places came up in my internet search.

          $30 lb or even $27 lb green is a good deal, if they deliver the goods! (Coffeeworld on Chesswood Drive.


          The second link may be more expensive because the Wallenford estate is at the top of the range.

          If you settle for cheaper grades, they will descend into blends at the edge of the mountain. Still good. BTW this coffee does not do well in a full, dark roast. Brown is better.

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            Good advice "jayt90:......
            .Any of the brands that come from Jamaica and are certified 100% Blue Mountain (JABLUM, & Wallenford Estate) are the most common ones..sold in cans and also vacuum pkgs ) are always 'fresh'...the 'roast' is medium (is this what you call 'brown'?...Personally, I'm not sure I would try any coffee(here) that claims to be Blue Mountain even if the sellers say it is the 'green' authentic B.M. and they do the roasting here(perhaps this is my predudice showing) It is a very small crop in Jamaica and when I am buying my coffeee in Jamaica I tend to buy something called 'high mountain' which is cheaper and is generally the same 'medium' roast for way less money..I have lived part time in Jamaica for the last 30 years...I generally take 5 pounds of coffee from Toronto( I buy I DEAL Coffee ..and use a DARK roast, my personal preference) .Jamaicans(in JA) as a rule do not drink a lot of coffee and when they do it is generally a medium (because you can't get a dark roast there)and they have it with "Betty" (sweetened, condensed like our Eagle Brand) I don't remember what I paid last year but somewhere in the vicinity of $16. U.S.) for 12 ounces is my guess...I'll be there all of February and will check the price out of curiosity. Dinah's Cupboard used to sell 'authentic' Blue Mountain and charged around $50. a pound..that was some years ago, again, I'm not certain about the authenticity..I'll happily admit I'm mistaken if people are saying that you can indeed get BM coffee here other than the certified/branded/packaged by the JA government/Coffee Board and for sure I have never seen a DARK Roast branded coffee in Jamaica.

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              Hi All ...am in Florida at present but will be going to our place in JA at the end of this month....will report on prices both in the Supermarket and through the DutyFree as I did in Jan.'09 post (as above) This shoud give those who are interested a bit of a guideline as to prices in Toronto for the 'brands' that are generally available in tins or vacuum packed...ie:Wallenford, Jablum (these are 100% pure beans/ground). Am using "PEET'S French Roast while here, I discovered it last year and think it's terrific and not horribly expensive either...for anyone who goes to Buffulo...it's probably available in Kroger's (I buy it here in PUBLIX...don't remember if that chain is in Buffalo/Niagar Falls, N.Y. but very worthwhile checking out if you're in the States....

          2. Dark City has it at $50 per pound: www.darkcitycoffee.com

            You order by phone but they are Toronto based and you talk to a real live person to order.

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              I was given a gift from Dark City,and was spoiled for life.
              It was perfect.
              I can't justify spending over $50.00 per pound.
              However it is a lot cheaper than Pusateri's, and I am ordering a pound for the Holidays.

            2. Thanks everyone! Will be checking out the recs soon, as I drank my last cup of JBM this morning . . . :(

              1. I have enjoyed JBM many times but it is not my day to day coffee. I wish it was.
                The only time I was disappointed, was a batch a few months ago from William's of Laval that was dark roasted, and I took it back.

                JBM is truly expensive because the supply is so limited. I would be interested in knowing about decent substitutions, in flavour profile, from coffee experts. Has anyone had a good, medium roast, susbstitute?

                1. I buy mine from goldstarcoffee.com - you can get killer deals if you order in 10lb bundles --- usually get 5 kona and 5 blue mountain...
                  from experience it's very good and an absolute KILLER deal,
                  Cheers ; )

                  1. This may not be very helpful, but I noticed that a small Caribbean joint on Bloor just east of Lansdowne was selling bags of some Jamaican coffee which may have been Blue Mountain. It was some small place you can get beef patties, ox tail and the like. I can't remember the name of the store.

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                      If they are true"Blue Mountain" the bags will be marked 100% and certified by the Coffee Board of Jamaica (very precise labelling & graphics) Often when we are in Jamaica (during our winter stay for the past 30 years)...people will try to hustle the Tourists with 'so-called' Blue Mountain" coffee...saying they work on the coffee plantation, get it 'wholesale' etc....If it is(??) Blue Mountain in an unmarked bag(sometimes even a plain plastic bag) it could have come from the 'floor sweepings' ..sorry to say but true...trust me on this. Jamaica is having a very, very bad time economically and particularly this year...Tourism is really down and people are hungry..no jobs and no money...It's very sad and doesn't look to get much better until people start visiting the Island once again.

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                        I agree you need to be careful. Friends came back from Jamaica with "Blue Mountain" coffee in a generic bag and it was definitely not Blue Mountain coffee. The real stuff is unbelievable. I have found it at Timothy's on promotion on occasion but it's been a long while.

                        1. re: pearlD

                          Authentic supplies of JBM have been problematic for a long time. Suppose those street offerings were the real thing, but pilfered. Then the legitimate supplies of JBM would be diminished, and more expensive. The authentic logos could be faked as well, just like Gucci or Versace. This is a difficult product from a crime ridden country, and it is easy to look elsewhere for rich coffee at a reasonable price.

                      2. We visit Jamaica often and have good friends there who do drink coffee. They swear by "High Mountain Coffee" and buy it from the producers or even just in the local supermarket. It is stamped with a "best by' date. It is not a dark roast coffee and tastes very mellow. Having said that I often use it in my espresso machine and it tastes great. I guess what I would say is to check for the freshness. Always important.

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                          re: 'I izzie...We also use High Mountain while we are in JA....after I've run out of what I bring down from Toronto (which is a dark roast and what I prefer) I just get used to drinking it and drink it 'jamaican style' which is with sweetened condensed milk..I sometimes have difficulty when we come back to Toronto..back to drinking strong, bold and dark roasted coffee sans cream/sugar.
                          Also wanted to replyt to 'jayt90'..all of what you say is true..funny though about 'logo/trademark reproduction...sad to say (or perhaps not) it's invariably easy to spot when it's fake-made in JA...There are a whole lot of Michael Jordin T-shirts around!!!
                          Same Chicago Bulls logo, same #..with his last name spelled as above!! LOL!!

                        2. I remember seeing a roadshow at Sams Club where they were selling Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee they had the regular coffee which you could purchase and also an Iced coffee.

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                            There was a roadshow at Costco the other day selling a variety of coffees, including Blue Mountain. Now, it's no where near as good as the bazzilion dollar Blue Mountain Coffee that I got downstairs in the St. Lawrence market, but it's some damn fine coffee. I'm sure it's not 'real' BMC since it was only $25 for a big costco sized bag of the stuff. But yeah, it sure is tasty.

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                              I bought that large 2 lb bag, processed by Williams of Laval, at the Ajax whse last fall. It was over-roasted, too dark, and the rich nuances of JBM were gone. Possibly the current batch is OK. I returned mine, but held on to to Ethiopian Yirgacheffe sold in the same Williams-Costco kiosk, and substantially better.

                          2. I was at Winners at Warden and Eglinton on Sunday, and they had 4 or 5 bags of JBM coffee beans in the food section. I believe it was $8.99 /bag.

                            Did not know to look for an official seal, so can't tell you if it had that or not...

                            1. Let me know if you find any places that have the 'High Mountain blend' which is the best of 'em all!...as you are probably aware, 70% gets exported to Japan, 20% to Europe that leaves 10% for the rest of the world!

                              Good luck!

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                                Didn't know that . . . thanks bullit. JBM's high prices in Canada are making me reassess my JBM addiction; can anyone suggest a suitable (read: cheaper but almost as tasty) substitute?

                                1. re: laranotlaura

                                  Here is Sweet Maria's take on JBM. http://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.isl...
                                  They suggest Oaxaca or Coatapec as a substitute.
                                  Another recommendation from eG is peaberry from the Andes (Peru).
                                  My own preference as a substitute is Yirgacheffe, but there is a whole world out there to explore.

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                                    Consumer Reports recently rated Eight O 'Clock coffee higher than Starbucks or Peets ...higher than any other tasted. I'm having a cup now and it is pretty darned good. I used to wish I could afford JBM.. Until a few years ago it was the best I ever tasted.. Then I had some that wasn't all that. This 8oclock is good!!

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                                      Does anyone know if "PEETS" is sold in Toronto...I recently discovered it in Florida in January and REALLY liked it....I tried the French Roast, which I bought in "The Fresh Market" (apparently in available in Buffalo and also at Krogers)...not about to drive there just for Coffee.....
                                      NOTE: I just posted a rather long and detailed , fully researched post regarding prices (in Jamaica) for JBM Coffee....the Editors have since removed it......I tried (and with an explantion to the edit board but 'no go')

                              2. I did some research while here in Jamaica..this is just about 'prices' not about preferences or whatever...those interested can have prices to compare with what is available in Toronto or even 'online' etc.....I have converted the prices to Canadian dollars BUT you must further add the 16.5% GCT (J'can Tax) for accuracy....these are all 100% Blue Mountain Coffee.
                                1 lb Coffee Roasters of Jamaica (beans) $18.40 ($16.33 ground)
                                1 lb JABLUM $14.86 (ground)
                                WALLENFORD ESTATES 12 oz. (ground) $13.24 or 8 oz (ground) $9.07
                                These are Coffee's available in grocery stores here in Ocho Rios...I did not check the 'duty free' stores in town...(I think that they are open to 'bargaining' so the price will vary,) for accurate 'duty free' prices..the only trustworthy price is at the Airport..they will not 'bargain'. Hope this gives those interested in comparison (Toronto) a price point to use for calculation etc.
                                Edit Board: Thanks very much for allowing this post..

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                                  For those who enquired about Jamaican "High Mountain" Coffee....I just bought an 8 oz tin of 'ground' for $292. JA approx. $4.32 CNDN plus 16.5% GCT (Jamaican Tax) at my local store in Ocho Rios.....Bear in mind, this is not 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain..it is a lesser grade which is classified as 100% 'high mountain',...not the same at all.....I use it frequently while here and tend to bring JBM home to Toronto as gifts because I don't care for the 'medium' roast but lots people really like it....To each his/her own..

                                2. Just to let you know, a west indian bakery/cafe in Scarbrough also sells this coffee!
                                  and they make really good rum cake.


                                  1. You can try the Coffee Tree in the Bloor West Village.


                                    Coffee Tree
                                    2412 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6S1P9, CA