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Jan 8, 2009 11:05 AM

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee?

Anyone know where I could purchase Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee in the GTA? I'm hooked and made the mistake of bringing back just 1 lb. from a trip to Jamaica. I'd also prefer to buy it from a bricks-and-mortar store, as I'm a little leery of making purchases online. Thanks!

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  1. Pusateri's at $399/lb. You can also get your hands on Kopi Luwak if you wish.

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      1. re: jayt90

        That doesn't mean they don't sell it. I rarely go on their site other than to find out store hours. I'm there every week and they have (had?) a sign on their front and exit doors for JBM for over a year. Next time I'm there I'll check if its' gone.

        1. re: Apprentice

          I can confirm that Pusateri's (Ave location) does continue to sell JBM coffee. 39.99 for approximately 220g.

    1. Check out House of Spice on Kensington Market. They've got an enviable selection of coffee. If not there, then Salamanca Dry Goods on Baldwin might have it or a reasonable approximation.

      Damn. Now I want a coffee...

      1. you might try Everyday Gourmet Coffee downstairs at SLM, fresh roasted beans and you can ask them about the provenance

        1. Two places came up in my internet search.

          $30 lb or even $27 lb green is a good deal, if they deliver the goods! (Coffeeworld on Chesswood Drive.


          The second link may be more expensive because the Wallenford estate is at the top of the range.

          If you settle for cheaper grades, they will descend into blends at the edge of the mountain. Still good. BTW this coffee does not do well in a full, dark roast. Brown is better.

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            Good advice "jayt90:......
            .Any of the brands that come from Jamaica and are certified 100% Blue Mountain (JABLUM, & Wallenford Estate) are the most common ones..sold in cans and also vacuum pkgs ) are always 'fresh'...the 'roast' is medium (is this what you call 'brown'?...Personally, I'm not sure I would try any coffee(here) that claims to be Blue Mountain even if the sellers say it is the 'green' authentic B.M. and they do the roasting here(perhaps this is my predudice showing) It is a very small crop in Jamaica and when I am buying my coffeee in Jamaica I tend to buy something called 'high mountain' which is cheaper and is generally the same 'medium' roast for way less money..I have lived part time in Jamaica for the last 30 years...I generally take 5 pounds of coffee from Toronto( I buy I DEAL Coffee ..and use a DARK roast, my personal preference) .Jamaicans(in JA) as a rule do not drink a lot of coffee and when they do it is generally a medium (because you can't get a dark roast there)and they have it with "Betty" (sweetened, condensed like our Eagle Brand) I don't remember what I paid last year but somewhere in the vicinity of $16. U.S.) for 12 ounces is my guess...I'll be there all of February and will check the price out of curiosity. Dinah's Cupboard used to sell 'authentic' Blue Mountain and charged around $50. a pound..that was some years ago, again, I'm not certain about the authenticity..I'll happily admit I'm mistaken if people are saying that you can indeed get BM coffee here other than the certified/branded/packaged by the JA government/Coffee Board and for sure I have never seen a DARK Roast branded coffee in Jamaica.

            1. re: pearlD

              Hi All in Florida at present but will be going to our place in JA at the end of this month....will report on prices both in the Supermarket and through the DutyFree as I did in Jan.'09 post (as above) This shoud give those who are interested a bit of a guideline as to prices in Toronto for the 'brands' that are generally available in tins or vacuum, Jablum (these are 100% pure beans/ground). Am using "PEET'S French Roast while here, I discovered it last year and think it's terrific and not horribly expensive either...for anyone who goes to's probably available in Kroger's (I buy it here in PUBLIX...don't remember if that chain is in Buffalo/Niagar Falls, N.Y. but very worthwhile checking out if you're in the States....

          2. Dark City has it at $50 per pound:

            You order by phone but they are Toronto based and you talk to a real live person to order.

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              I was given a gift from Dark City,and was spoiled for life.
              It was perfect.
              I can't justify spending over $50.00 per pound.
              However it is a lot cheaper than Pusateri's, and I am ordering a pound for the Holidays.