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Great sports bars near West LA

I know if one drives out to Corona or outlying LA areas, they have great sports bars like nationals or champions. Other than sports harbor near the marina..and the hoighty toighty ones on wilshire in SM, any others anyone can recommend? Has to serve food too!

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  1. Busby's on Santa Monica. Which "hoighty toighty ones on Wilshire" do you mean?

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      I'd like to know that too... The Shack? O'Brien's? Hoighty toighty?

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        I would imagine he/she's referring to the Parlor and South.

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          Yes, feedthebelly should really check out both those places, which aren't hoighty toighty at all. I prefer the food at the Shack, but O'Brien's has more TVs and is definitely the place to go if you're a Boston sports fan.

      2. SF Saloon on Pico for football games and burgers.

        1. how about HOOTERS, its definitely not hoighty toighty.

          1. The bar @ the W Hotel in Westwood is great. It's a little upscale, but the lounge is huge and has 2 or 3 bars in it.

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              I love that the bar at the W Hotel is mentioned here!!! Talk about shooting way wide of the mark.

              What sorts of sports bars have you been too liltamby5? Maybe if the "sport" involved spotting various types of overpriced womens' shoes or possibly purse dogs.

              I agree that South is not the greatest, but I wouldn't call it hoighty toighty. I'd simply say that they're trying way too hard and not succeeding particularly well.

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                It's just that who wants to go to a sports bar that has velvet ropes and a line on Thursday-Saturday nights like is usually the case at South and the Parlour? I mean, obviously a lot of people, but yuck.

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                  LOL! South really does have a split personality, doesn't it? I would never, ever think of venturing inside when there's a line and velvet rope. But when there isn't, it's really a mellow and positive place to watch a game. I've noticed they're now grilling ribs, etc. on Sundays on the patio.

            2. yankee doodles on 3d street.

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                hoighty toight like the south. i like the south's concepts..but it seems to clean and spread apart inside. and the idea to serve southern food will never ever ever work there for long.

              2. Philly West is a good one, it's not a typical West L.A bar. They have tasty Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches too, among the Best in L.A . Near Westwood and Santa Monica Blvd

                1870 Westwood Blvd
                Los Angeles, CA 90025
                (310) 474-9787

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                  Philly West has excellent food at very reasonable prices -- about $6 for their Philly Cheesesteak or even better flame-grilled cheeseburger served on the same sort of roll. They also offer free parking in the shared lot around the corner in the back, a valuable commodity in that neighborhood. But I hesitate to call it a "sports bar" -- yes, it has a few TVs, including one bigscreen, that are tuned to big games. But it is small, dark, divy, yes, some would even characterize it as a bit depressing. A throwback, not at all the big bright modern snazzy kind of place I think of as a modern sports bar.

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                    last time we were there we got the ice treament from the waittress. won't be going back. :-(

                    1. re: ceviche

                      You are not the first to mention that -- she can seem more than a bit cold to new customers. I recall feeling somewhat the same, but she warmed up considerably on subsequent visits and even remembered what I'd ordered. Then one morning I was in a Trader Joe's and someone I barely recognized said hello and it took me a moment to place her and realize it was that same bartendress. She jokes around quite a bit with regulars at the bar; I recommend giving the place and her another chance.

                      1. re: ceviche

                        What time did you go? I live practically across the street from Philly West and I've never seen a waitress in there. It was always the bartender who came and took our order.

                        I like their burgers there, but it seems like they changed their rolls a few months ago. They're not as crispy on the outside anymore.

                        But back on topic, yes Philly West is an acceptable sports bar. I watched the presidential election results there. The only downside is that they seemed to have lost the remote control for the large TV at the front, so there's no way to turn on closed caption.

                    2. I would love to find a sports bar in West LA (Santa Monica, El Segundo, MB, Culver CIty, Hermosa Beach) that had good food, cute waitresses/bartenders and at least decent food. Sharkeez in MB, IMHO, is average, and while the food at Shark's Cove is decent, the TVs are pretty small and the wait staff is mostly guys. Any thoughts? A place like Hooters doesn't meet the grade for decent food, IMHO.

                      1. Two places I can recommend for good food, great television and great food:

                        Thompkins Square in Westchester next door to Italy's Little Kitchen. Great hamburgers. Lots of screens, great looking waitresses and very friendly. 20 beers on tap to boot. Only drawback, the place is a little small.

                        Outlaws in Playa Del Rey. Known for hamburgers, baby back ribs and breakfasts. Not a lot of screens, but a good place to watch a game.