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Jan 8, 2009 10:09 AM

cheap dinner in or around stamford for 1?

hello i will be in this area later and am wondering what's good and cheap around there? by cheap i mean around $7 if that is possible since i don't need much food. is there maybe a good happy hour around or maybe that jamacian spot i've read about? i'd imagine for that price point, i'd have to eat ethnic, which i would not object to at all, just tired of mexican for the time being. thanks for any info!

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  1. There are some decent things you could get at that price point.

    o Scotty's Fish & Chips is a Jamaican on Stillwater Avenue. I don't believe that they still have any tables, but you can take out.

    o Royal Guard Fish & Chips is a good British-style chipper on Shippan Avenue.

    o Bachata, on E. Main St., Stamford. Dominican restaurant, cafeteria-style. Excellent pernil, also good stews, soups. There are a few tables.

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      Top of the Hill, the cleanest, less greasy Jamacian food. Great oxtails, BBQ chicken, Fritters, Festival, Fried Chicken, my husband Is Jamaican and I have been cooking it for over 20 years. Very good, very good breakfasts that keep you full day day. It is right near the Stamford hospital and right next dooe to Dominos Pizza. Try it and let me know.

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        My one trip to Scotty's did not impress, perhaps I ordered the wrong thing?

        The ginger beer, however, was excellent.

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          Not Scotty's go to Top of the Hill on Broad Street next to Domino's far superior food. What did you have at Scotty's?

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            I had a couple of pieces of fish (?). I guess I was thinking Arthur Treacher or something, but what I got was a couple of skinny filets fried very crispy and pretty tasteless.

            Bext up, top of the hill, which I pass all the time.

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              Yes, the fish at Scotty's isn't that good unless you straving and Top of the Hill does alot of business so there food and is fresh constantly being made. Try the jerk chicken, they have special day for fish frys and always escovetich fish which is excellent. But for a great breakfast you should try them, I love liver so they have that with yam, bananas and dumpling which usually last me three meals and keeps me full the entire day. also the ackee and saltfish is very good too. Also great fried chicken. Try it and let me know,

      2. thanks for the suggestions, but i was long gone by the time the first one came in! i ended up at layla's and must say i was not exactly thrilled, but it was my fault i think for ordering the fattoush salad. it was a mighty wimpy salad (and at $6 to boot!), and all it had was romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, toasted pita chips and some lemony dressing that was very one dimensional. now, i wasn't really hungry, but my lord, they could have put some cheese on it or something to make it a bit more interesting. i've had fattoush salads before and this one just plain stunk! i didn't want to say anything to the guy who made it when he asked how it was (i think he's the owner), cuz i'd like to try some actual food next time. but i'm curious how layla's compares to myrna's downtown? thanks again for the recs!

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        1. re: unocal

          Myrna's is much better than Layla's. Plus, it's got table service and wine / beer.

          The best things are the meze. An assortment of kibbe, lamb sausages, lentils & rice, grape leaves, hummus w/meat, shankleesh, labne, halloumi are all excellent.

          I think a lot of people try the falafel and stop there, which misses the better options.

          You can't eat there for under $10, however, which is why I didn't mention in my first post.

          1. re: cteats

            yum i'm hungry now reading that cteats. if you get all vege stuff though can you get away w/ out spending more than 10 beans??

            1. re: unocal

              No, unfortunately. It's actually adds up quickly.

              The menu with pricing is on their site:


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                thanks for the link, sure looks good. at least you know what you're getting into, pricewise. too bad they don't have lamb pizza like that place moustache in the that would be awesome. it's crazy to me though to think that falafel and hummus could be an almost $10 affair; reminds me i need to attempt to make hummus again (and again).

            2. re: cteats

              Myrna's is the business member of the month at Costco, which is a little troubling, since it means that they probably get all of their produce there, and the produce at Costco does not measure up to their meats.
              Most of it is imported, and not all that fresh, and probably sprayed a lot more with insecticides and herbicides than domestic products.

              1. re: dinerfan

                jfood was not impressed with Myrna's.

                Go up to Norwalk to Falaffel Inn. Much better than both Myrnas and Laylas

                1. re: jfood

                  Will do, thanks. I was not all that taken with Layla's, especially when price is factored in.

                  Miss the shwarma at Jerusalem in Denver, a tiny converted taco stand that pumps out the best middle eastern.

          2. Okay, I'm a one note band today, but I gotta recommend the Cajun Chicken wrap at Bradford's on Bedford Street. It's about $7 and yummy, with a plate of fries to go with.

            I'm not associated with the place, other than that I like it and the people associated with it, and yes, I do need to get out more.