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Jan 8, 2009 10:06 AM

Side Dishes for Tacos

Looking for side dishes to serve with tacos besides rice and refried beans. Thanks.

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  1. about coleslaw; there are some non-mayo versions out I saw was entitled Yucatan Cole Slaw. Maybe mac & cheese? Pan-fried potatoes? We just had those last night with our oven-baked chicken and they were delightfully different. Oooh...sweet potatoes might go nicely as a side for those tacos, too. OH! How could I forget Robert Lauriston's Cilantro Rice...I know you said "besides rice" but this isn't your usual plain white rice with a little chopped cilantro in it...but you'd have to love cilantro, not sure it's something that you do love.

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      That's how I do rice for tacos - white rice with cilantro, sometimes I cook the rice in coconut milk too.

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        Starbucksbrew, have you tried Robert's recipe from this board??? Not only is it deee-licious, it is beautiful to behold also! You cook the rice and then while it's still hot, you coat it with a concoction of cilantro, jalapeno, a little lime juice and I forget the other ingredients but it is really awesome...the rice comes out bright green! Will post the link if you need it.

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          That's sounds great val, I would love the link too

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                Thanks for providing that link, Val, the recipe sounds dynamite!

      2. Chile Relleno
        Tossed Salad

        1. What kind of tacos?

          Grilled zuchini and mushrooms.
          Corn salad (corn, avocado, roasted peppers, garlic, onion, cilantro, in a vinaigrette with lime juice)

          1. Beer; lots of beer ;>)
            How about mashing up some sweet potatoes, adding a little cream, butter and some ground cumin and baking it for 30 minutes.

            1. In Baja, street taco stands consist of a grill and a spit. As the meat roasts on the spit, the vendor grills vegetables. Your order of tacos comes with hot grilled vegetables like those big green onions, corn, peppers, sqash, etc. In sit down restaurants, you'll find the traditional rice and beans, but also fresh fruit -- papaya, pineapple, melon and salads tossed with vingarette. You'll often get served picked peppers and carrots.

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                I second the fruit. I make a jicama, orange, and radish salad from the Greens cookbook that has no oil and is a very refreshing side dish to rich Mexican food. Also good in the winter is really good red grapefruit, sectioned to remove the membranes, and served with lime juice, salt, and maybe some cilantro and fine chile powder.