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Jan 8, 2009 09:49 AM

Indian food in the westchester area?(lower)

I'm looking for some suggestions in the lower westchester area for real indian food to take a couple of friends coming from california? I live in larchmont and I have tried Coromandel in new rochelle and I didn't like it too much. I went back for buffet and that was even worse, so if you have any other suggestions, that would be great. I've heard of a newer restaurant in New Rochelle called 'Rangoli'? There are some RAVE reviews on this place, but I've never been there? Anyone with some insight or tips? Thanks! Oh and I'd like to just mention I'd prefer the place to be close by in the new rochelle/larchmont/pelham area. They will be coming off a flight, so not too much traveling would be helpful!

- David H.

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    1. Have never been but here is their address:
      615 Main St.
      (Maple Ave.)
      New Rochelle, NY

      GF and I like the following "sisters"
      Mughal Palace
      16 Broadway
      (Cleveland St., across from Valhalla RR station)
      Valhalla, NY |
      Rani Mahal
      322-323 Phillips Park Rd.
      (bet. E. Prospect Ave. & Spencer Pl.)
      Mamaroneck, NY

      And I recall reading somethings about the following two:
      Ambadi Indian Restaurant
      141 E Post Rd
      White Plains, NY


      Bollywood Bistro
      68 Wheeler Ave.
      (bet. Bedford & Manville Rds.)
      Pleasantville, NY


      1. I also did not like Coromandel in New Rochelle despite some very positive chow reviews and raves for the CT location. Haven't tried Rangoli yet but keep wanting to so if you do go, please post your experience.

        That said, I strongly second Jon's suggestion of Rani Mahal in Mamaroneck which from your requirements is, I think, close enough.

        1. Another vote for Rani Mahal. I had a very good dinner at Bollywood Bistro, but it is not exactly close to NR/Larchmont/Pelham.

          1. Nothing Revolutionary Here...Just the Facts...I won't bore you with all the subpar (though decent joints)...if it is just about the food, Bengal Tiger is tops in Westchester...though for Ambience I prefer Bollywood in Pleasantville or the new joint in Irvington down by the water (forgot there name), but neither compare regarding the food to BT. A price step down but reasonably good is malabar hill in Elmsford. Enjoy. t