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Jan 8, 2009 09:46 AM

Favorite Hartford area special occasion dinner?

What's your favorite place to go for a birthday celebration, party of 2? Terrific food and atmosphere, and great service? Anything goes.

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  1. Here are some suggestions in no particular order:

    Metro Bis: Simsbury
    Grant's: West Hartford
    Piccolo Arancio: Farmington
    Amelia's: Simsbury
    Abigail's: Simsbury
    Morton's: Hartford
    Max Downtown: Hartford
    Still River Cafe: Eastford
    Du Village: Chester

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    1. re: chowmensch

      All terrific suggestions! Thanks for the great start!

    2. Personal faves:

      Apricot's - Farmington
      The Cottage - Plainville
      Restaurant du Village - Chester
      Trumbull Kitchen - Hartford
      Arugula - West Hartford
      Firebox - Hartford
      Max Downtown - Hartford

      Have fun!!

      1. how about a special occasion lunch? ON20 in Hartford.

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        1. re: rudysmom

          I agree w/ ON20 for lunch. Also, don't forget Cavey's in Manchester....always great!

          1. re: Science Chick

            Sorry - I erased - I didn't go hartford area specific, so I erased my suggestions

            That's what happens when you are state school educated

        2. Cavey,s downstairs, the French restaurant, without a doubt. Absolutely old school elegance, perfect service, perhaps the best wine list in central Connecticut. Some of the other suggestions here aren't really appropriate for special occasions. Arugula is great but more of an informal bistro, Trumbull Kitchen is good but loud and informal. Morton's is a chain and not special at all. Restaurant du Village is great but it is in Chester which is a hike, about 45 minutes from Hartford, Metro Bis again is great but it is also a bistro. Max Downtown or Grant's would work, but if its really special go to Caveys.