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Jan 8, 2009 09:44 AM

Best restuarant in Mystic/New London?? [moved from Manhattan board]

Does anyone have any suggestions for a romantic and fun birthday dinner spot? Just my boyfriend and I, and we're new to the area, from NYC. Delicious fresh food. And either a quaint cozy atmosphere or something contemporary is okay too. Nothing too corporate or chain-like.

Our favorties in NYC are Little Owl, August, Fig & Olive...

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  1. We really enjoyed Noah's on Water St. in Stonington and Water St. Cafe (same area).

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      We like Water Street in Stonington. Azu would be fun for a birthday. Lately we have been enjoying Up River Cafe in Westerly. The bar area is beautiful with a fireplace, great service creative food. On Wednesday nights the have 1/2 price wine, glass or bottle, which is a pretty good deal. They have THE BEST calamari, made with Thai flavors, not fried to death!

    2. I agree with lexpatti on Noah's. Fresh food, well executed, cute and cozy. A short drive from New London area (15 minutes) is Boom in Old Lyme....also very cozy. I know you're asking for dinner places but since you're new to the area, here are two great breakfast/lunch places: Somewhere in Time in Mystic and Cooked Goose in Westerly.... Enjoy!

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        Some other of my favorites: Tony D's in New London, Paul's Pasta in Groton, Chester's Bar-B-Que in Groton, Olios in Groton, Seahorse in Noank and Singapore Grill and Sushi Bar in New London.

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          Does La Vie en Rose still exist?

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            Vie en Rose is closed. I think 3 years ago.

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            I heard Tony D's was good, Paul's Pasta is good and I thought Singapore was good but never for a birthday, Chesters and Olios I don't know. I heard Seahorse has good food but very casual.

        2. If you are near New London, my husband & I recently went to Brie & Blue for lunch. It was wonderful!! It is 1/2 beautiful wine store and 1/2 a cheese shop that serves lunch & dinner. We had wine, great cheese plate, bruschetta. Maybe not for your birthday but keep it in mind! We both agreed, we felt like we were on vacation

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            The Daniel Packer Inne, in mystic is cozy and romantic. I would think nice for a birthday. Other then that i would agree with The Up River Cafe, although it's rather expensive.