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Jan 8, 2009 09:25 AM

Best whitefish salad?

Can be from anywhere, but must not be made with too much mayonnaise, or contain celery. Any suggestions?

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  1. Not sure about the celery, but try either Russ & Daughters or Barney Greengrass. Might also check with Zabar's.

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    1. re: markabauman

      Russ & Daughters definitely contains no celery. It's a whitefish/salmon mix, if that makes a difference. And it's awesome.

      1. re: small h

        Too salty for me. Zabar's has celery, but it's tastier, smokier, and less salty.

    2. This is an aside, but has anyone tried Bering cisco yet?

      1. Have you tried the whitefish salad from Tal Bagel, Daniel's (Third Ave. & E. 37St.) or Agata & Valentina (almost no mayo)? All three are great and I don't believe contain any celery.

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        1. re: ellenost

          Zabar's is too much mayo

          Russ & Daughters = the best...hands down

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            Agata & Valentina's is the best anywhere -- jsut enough mayo to bind the whitefish together. Zabar's has way too much mayo. Most others also have too much mayo plus sugar, for some odd reason.

            1. re: City Kid

              Ditto for A & V's. Large chunks of whitefish, not much mayo. Much better than Zabars, Fairway, Sables.

          2. There's another Chowhound thread on this topic you might check out:

            I checked out the Russ & Daughters whitefish salad last week. It's good, but I prefer the smokiness and texture of the Lobster Place version. Also, I could be wrong, but I think Russ & Daughters uses onion, which gives the salad a slightly astringent quality and reminds me, ever so slightly—forgive me, Russ enthusiasts—of tuna salad.

            1. i just ate a bite of some whitefish salad from Whole Foods Columbus Circle: truly awful, like a combination of paste, cotton candy, and h.s. cafeteria scrod whipped into a bland mush...avoid...so bad i plan to return it...

              Russ&Daughters has always been my fav, but the store is alas far from my new neighborhood

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              1. re: Simon

                oh my, yes.

                i am a big russ n daughters fan,m but needed to jet outta midtown fast the other day and picked up the whole foods version. one of rhe strangest, most unpleasant glop-fests ever.....