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Jan 8, 2009 09:15 AM

Please help--food delivery for shiva in Mamaroneck, NY

Hi NY area houds.

I need to send food to a family sitting shiva in Mamaroneck. Would you pleae help me with recommendations?

Thank you very much.
DC Deb

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  1. Try Super Sol in Scarsdale/New Rochelle

      1. Rye Country Store would be able to do anything that you need. next town over from mamaroneck; salads, poached salmon, etal.

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          Cosmo and Alex, for trays of Italian food, hot and cold. Their bakery next door can provide the sweets, the chocolate chip cake and biscotti are very good.

        2. Depends on what type of food you're looking for. Many places other than pizza and chinese don't deliver at all. If you want traditional "shiva food" there are places outside Mamaroneck in the surrounding area that may be better options. If you call and explain that it's for shiva they might be willing to make a special delivery.

          Poultry Time in New Rochelle does good fried and rotisserie chicken and has traditional Jewish side dishes like kasha varnishkes. I can't find a website for them with a menu but they are located at :
          1 Quaker Ridge Rd # S
          New Rochelle, NY 10804-2807

          Another similar type of place is Ruffled Feathers in Scarsdale:

          If it needs to be kosher, Kisco Kosher, a Jewish deli restaurant in White Plains is your best bet as far as food quality:

          Epstein, with locations in Yonkers and Hartsdale is another option although food is not as good as Kisco - I think Yonkers food was better than Hartsdale though:

          1. Hartsdale Cheese store puts together very nice platters,trays and gift baskets.
            If shipping, I have sent gift baskets/towers from