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Jan 8, 2009 08:54 AM

good sushi in fun restaurant

can someone please recommend a good sushi restaurant in fun atmosphere restaurant? i like bond st or sushi samba. sushi of gari is good but don't like the atmosphere so much.. looking for evening night out but not too expensive but good sushi in a fun place.
is blue ribbon or matsura? thank you

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  1. Have you been to the UWS Gari? I don't know that i's "fun", but it's a much prettier room. I like Blue Ribbon, usually go for lunch, but it has a nice room as well.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      yes, i have only been to uws on 46th location and did not like the atmosphere..

      1. re: Butterfly123

        Ah ok - because the UWS one (haven't been to the 46th St. one) is much nicer than the UES one. What about 15 East? Great sushi, and cool vibe.

    2. Tao or Aja both Midtown East. Ono Meatpacking.

        1. I know there are mixed feelings on Haru, but I've always like the one on Park and 18th. The sushi is good and reasonable in price and the cocktails are delicious. The space is large and there is always a fun vibe.

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            i agree. i like the haru on park. it has a vibe to it and food is always good.

          2. natsumi on 50th between b'way and 8th might work. the bar room has an especially good vibe and you can order the full menu there