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Jan 8, 2009 08:43 AM

Birmingham, Best Cheeseburger?

My favorite is at J. Alexander's. Fresh ground beef grilled over real hickory wood.

What's yours?

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  1. Chez Fonfon. I think they have hands down the best burger in town, as well as the best french fries.

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    1. re: pinotboy

      Fonfon probably has the best burger in the best ambiance.

      Now if you're looking for less ambiance, I personally like the double cheese burger and at the Golden Rule in lakeview. Supercheesy and delicious, but not cooked to order. Unfortunately, the fries are just frozen and lame.

      Two totally different burgers.

      1. re: pinotboy

        With out a doubt Chz Fon Fon is the best burger in town. A great burger also needs great fries along with it, and they win in that catagory as well.

        26 also does a very good burger, and their fries are great.

        VRichards can make a great burger and fries, unfortunately the quality of food (and service) is very hit or miss. We eat there regularly because of the convience and wish for greater consistency.

        Five Guys in Brookwood is great for the guitly indugence of an old fashioned greasy burger and fries.

      2. I 100% agree w/ Chez Fonfon. Also, pretty much the same burger, Bottega Cafe is excellent. As far as a "quick" burger, Five Guys Burger and Fries in Homewood is pretty hard to beat.

        26 has a good burger also. Only had it once though so can't say it's the best yet. I've also heard very good things about Jinsei's Kobe beef baby burgers too. I haven't had them yet, but look forward to it.

        1. Good recommendations. The Kobe beef baby burgers at Jinsei are awesome, but not what I really think of when I'm craving an old-fashioned burger. Some more casual/traditional burger options: The burgers at Mike's Hot Dogs in Homewood are good, very messy with a special sauce. Chris Z's in Lakeview has good burgers. I wouldn't necessarily call it the "best" burger, but if you're in the area, Jim 'N Nick's, at least the one in Riverchase, has a surprisingly good burger. Green Valley Drugs in Hoover may be worth a trip just for the old-timey drugstore lunch counter experience, and the burgers are good. Hamburger Heaven is overrated, and Harry's Place, which won the Best Burgers contest a few years back, has gone downhill. And I like Five Guys, although I think the fries eclipse the burgers. I have not been to Sammy's Sandwich Shop in the Eastwood area but they are supposed to have good burgers.

          1. Another vote for Fonfon.

            1. They're not really traditionally cheeseburgers, but some of the burgers at Baja Burgers are fun (I tend to get the pork and lamb, like I said, not traditional). They also add fried okra to their french fries which I like.

              Best cheeseburger I ever had: The old $16 Kobe burger at Icon when Geoffrey Slate was still chef. Half-pound of kobe (how can you go wrong with a kobe patty?) in a house-made bun, topped with grilled onions. The cheese was a farmstead Cheddar from England -- one of the few cheeseburgers I've had where I could actually taste the cheese.

              In fact, that's one reason why I don't get cheese on my burgers normally: All the fat with none of the flavor.