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Jan 8, 2009 08:31 AM

Manhattan Beach Musts?

Saturday evening I'm going to be eating dinner at Asa Ramen in Gardena, but during the day I'm going to be killing time in Manhattan Beach. Can anyone recommend a casual lunch spot where entrees stay around $10 or so and I won't be rushed? I've never eaten in Manhattan Beach so anything recommended would be new to me!

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  1. The courtyard in the middle of town has a nice place called Petros, but it's more than $10 a plate. Great greek cuisine if you're willing to splurge. In the same area is a place called Le Pain Quotidien that is closer to your price range. Great atmosphere and equally good coffee. It happens to be next door to Shade Hotel's infamous "cougar bar" if that's your thing. All of this is near the corner of Man Bch. Blvd and Valley. Look for the underground parking off of Man Bch. Blvd and Morningside Dr. (past the new American Apparel store) Also in this courtyard is the new Asian fusion style place..not sure about the price but I've heard good things. From there, the pier is a short walk and there are numerous other places you can grab a bite (Hennessey's, The Kettle, Shark's Cove, Mama D's, Wahoo's, Rock N Fish). For a sweet tooth, Becker's Bakery has the BEST cookies and cupcakes. Ciao!

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      Geoff...great summary! It'll be oft quoted, I'm sure!
      Of your list, LPQ, Wahoo's, Kettle, and Becker's (to go sandwiches) will be the closest to $10pp.

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        i've been to the kettle many times, and although it does meet the $10 guideline, i would hardly call it a 'must.'
        imho, it's quality is right in step with denny's.

        in the middle of the night, though, it is the only place open after last call at the bars.

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          Those hot muffins and fresh juice are really good, the rest is cood cafe/coffee shop faire.

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        Poulet Du Jour, the best chicken in the South Bay.

      3. In El Porto (north Manhatten Beach), you will have change left over if you stop at El Tarasco. It is TexMex (think burritos) but better than average. Tiny spot, counter service only. Then take a walk along the Strand.

        316 Rosecrans Ave (near Highland, just a short, steep walk to the beach)
        Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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          Oooh - the El Porto mention made me think of North End Cafe! Amazing sandwiches and salads, very creative and fun menu! It's a tiny little place but you can sit outside and get a great view of the ocean while you eat!

          It's also North Manhattan Beach, but very worth checking out!

        2. Uncle Bill's Pancakes on Highland has the best cheddar cheese and bacon waffle you've ever tasted. Be warned there is usually a wait.

          1. The Kettle... get their panko-crusted cicken tenders along with a side of their homemade honey mustard and thousand island dressings for dipping and sit back for the ride of a lifetime! Well, not really the ride of a lifetime but pretty damn good! And add a side of steak fries if you're truly adventurous.

            1. This is a little more fast food than others are suggesting but still a sit down restaurant. Try Chicken Dijion if you like Americanized Middle Eastern. I think there's one in Manhattan Beach, if not it's like a short drive over to El Segundo (Or Redondo). It's about $10 for some oven roasted chicken and humus or any side orders you like. They have amazing garlic humus that is good on its own. Great for lunch, I only wish they had one closer to North LA.

              Chicken Dijon
              2515 Artesia Blvd Ste B, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

              Chicken Dijon
              251 Main St, El Segundo, CA 90245