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Jan 8, 2009 07:49 AM


There is a nwe king in RI called KON its prob the most beautiful Asian restaurant in RI. Clean beyone esdcription, the Decor and sushi is the finest presentations in RI. I have been in the food business for over 30 years and this place has it. Its in East Greenwich not like some of those at best supermarket restaurants in RI . Its a winner. But you do have to know good Asian food.

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  1. Okay...I like to think I know good Asian food as I travel to and from Asia several times a year and have done so for the past 15 years. I have eaten at Kon's twice. Once for the sushi and kitchen menu and once for the Tempanyaki. Both were okay but nothing spectacular. The sushi had some interesting twists, the four color roe/spicy crab roll (Kon's Prayer Roll I think) was one but my complaint about that one was rather than making it with 4 different dyed versions of Tobiko why not use tobiko, wasabe tobiko (which is usually green), black cavier, and masago. You get the same effect and a much better dish. I will say that the mini peking duck app which we have now had twice has both times been excellent. The rest of the kitchen menu was small and not that impressive but each dish ordered (Mango Shrimp and Chilean Sea Bass) were cooked well and tasted good.

    Where we were completely disappointed was with the tempanyaki. It was just bad. it lacked flavor and creativity. The sauces were bad. I rather go to Shogun on Jefferson Blvd for gods sake. I would not at all recommend the Tempanyaki.

    The restaurant looks pretty and the pond/ water wall features are quite nice and set a great environment. The food is adequate. Seems to me Haruki has much better sushi, Sea Shai and Oki's have much better Tempanyaki, and Toyko on Wickenden St has a much better kitchen menu. But if you are stuck in East Greenwich or North Kingston it is a far better choice than 7 moons or any of the other Asian restaurants south of Cranston.

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      its not being stuck in EG Tobiko is just died white fish or paddle fish eggs. I only eatBeluga not on sushi . Wasabi is just powdered green died mess it covers the taste of sushi unless yo can get the wasabi root from the farm in Washington state. its sweet flavored slightly tang doesnt over power the palate. You can easily tell a place that makes their own pickeled ginger I really dont eat sushi too much mercury in raw fish. Sevens Moons sucks and its not even owned by the Asians. Its just a cash cow for the whoever.